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Comments for AmbientRhythm May 2009-current. Read [here], archives [here].

Ok, what did Alcaeus' teacher teach him? --CH
That'd be telling - SunKitten

I love your Pixel stories, you should make a story picture book out of them one day ;D

things are getting v ery interesting, the story is unfolding. Ive got to get the first volume sop I can sort of let it all sink in and build up to this again. - Bex

lol love the second panel! Did you change the nib you were using or technique, or is it just me? I find there's something different about the way this page is drawn, but I cant tell if its just me or not? - Bex
Thanks ^^ There's nothing different overall. I think it's the first one for a while, though - I draw them in batches, and if I remember correctly, this is the first of the second (and most recent) batch for volume 2. It quite possibly was a new nib :) - SunKitten


LOL I wasnt expecting that either! hillarious! XD - Bex

maybe do a mini comic about his adventures as a post-office clerk ;) - Bex
I don't think he'd have any (well, except being menaced by Amon). That's partly why I feel sorry for him ;) - SunKitten

Oooh. Significant and scary. Yay for intimidating detective characters in something like the antagonist role. Which Amon is, really - Vivi and the Solomons are the real protagonists, and Amon's set up against them, although I wouldn't be surprised if he developed the way that Rin did in PhoenixFeathers :) --AC
I think I have a weakness for those kinds of characters :) - SunKitten
Hmm, yes, there's one in SunFishMoonFish too, isn't there? --AC

It's a tricky question, whether to set up for plot vs the potential to run indefinitely. I do like things with ongoing plot more than those without, although I certainly like OrderOfTheStick-style things which usually include a gag at the end of each strip as well. But I guess the tradition that OzyAndMillie's in, where it can basically continue indefinitely but have short arcs within that, is a fine long tradition. And if you were to do one like that, I'd still get my "ongoing-plot" fix from your comics that come out in issues rather than webcomic-style :)

The other thing is that you don't have to have the setting fully fleshed out when you begin; many episodic webcomics started with a fairly simple concept, and then added the details as they became available. So you don't need to have a setting you're intimately familiar with; just choose something like "the everyday lives of some fish in a lake" and go with it :) --AC

Fun panel... though I'm not sure whether he's climbing up or down ^^;; --AC
He's on the ground in the first panel, if that's any help? It's the same place [Vivika visited] in volume 1 - SunKitten

I've been very much enjoying this little scene. Lots of interesting hints and revelations. --AC
It was very fun to write :) - SunKitten

(a couple of strips late) Vivi's 27? Gosh. She seems younger ^^;; --AC
[Indeed] ;) - SunKitten

If I were in Cambridge, I'd join you - scratch Messiahs are cool! Have fun! --CH
Thanks :) - SunKitten

Wow. I wasn't expecting that from this comic. Army movements seem like they'd fit more in Reya or LftS than in Ambient Rhythm, which has been more about academia and magic and uncovering what happened in the past... I'll look forward to seeing how it ties in o.o  --AC
Bwahaha :) - SunKitten

Heh, I'm curious about that book "Dusk", with a rather familiar-looking feather on the cover... :) (Concerning Research-style? Not quite...)  --AC
Not quite :) No, this is still volume 2. It's only page 85 or so! - SunKitten

Rule 37 of Baking: One can never make too many cakes. --CH

Snerk. By the way, you have "4th November", rather than January, in your annotation today. --CH
Oops! Fixed now, thanks :) - SunKitten


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