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    The comic strip located [here], written by SunKitten and MoonShadow.

Very loosely based around CambridgeLife.

Subdirectories will contain information about the PhoenixFeathers universe as gleaned from the comic so far.





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There are other WebComics.

But there is only one PhoenixFeathers... :) - Kazuhiko

For general comments on PhoenixFeathers or on an individual strip, see PhoenixFeathersComments

As a matter of interest - and feel free to tell me to get lost - how many visits to the Phoenix Feathers page do you get, on average? As a guess at how many readers you have.

That question is too general. Which particular page, and over what time period? For instance, the earliest entry in the current log file on the server is 6.27am on 25th May.

 sham@hex:/var/log/apache$ grep GET\ /strip.html access.log | wc -l

..which gives a rough average of 30-35 hits per day. This is further complicated by the fact that there is a surge on Tuesdays and Fridays. - MoonShadow

So, roughly speaking, 105-122 hits for each comic strip?  That's pretty good.  Not quite Penny Arcade level yet but I'm sure it won't be long :) --Kazuhiko
The exact numbers will be hard to quantify (or they were for me, when I was trying to work out how many readers PCP had).  The main one is that you have problems with people hitting the strip multiple times which inflates the readership (say to check exactly what was said in the current strip, checking whether it's been updated yet, etc), and on the other hand caching (particularly the Cambridge web cache in my case) immediately decreases it again.  --Angoel

(Remove after reading) You just got listed on a comics link site that I use as one of my homepages.  Oddly, they listed it as 'violent'.  Anyway, potentially, expect incoming hordes :)  --Vitenka
Eh??! *sweatdrop* Thanks for telling us - which comic link? - SunKitten
http://belfry.com/comics/  I think you can add your own description and stuff.  I don't know if those features ever get used though :)  --Vitenka
Ah, yes - I've been seeing hordes from there in the logs for a few days now :) LFTS got listed first - under "daily updates", for some reason - and lots of people have been reading it in its entirety ^_^  - MoonShadow
Wow ^^ How cool :) - SunKitten (not that fast - yet...)
You can blame the hordes for causing your router to emit smoke :)  --Vitenka
LookingForTheSun is violent too. Apparently (and I haven't added the current comic yet) ;_; - SunKitten
How odd.  Though LookingForTheSun does have a war in it, the most violent bit of PhoenixFeathers so far has been a drunkn Nagi, which I wouldn't have thought qualified.  --Vitenka (Maybe they're jusing it in place of a 'terrifying' mark?)
People getting bitten by demonic cats probably counts as violent for this purpose. --Rachael
Perhaps that's why throughput's been a bit slow recently...and I just last week re-read PF in its entirity to get an overview of the plot, so I can appreciate it properly before it finishes! --Bobacus
OK, PhoenixFeathers is no longer Violent. It's got a decent, if short, description (click on the little 'i') and it's genre is 'non-furry,' which is accurate, if somewhat uninformative. LookingForTheSun, on the other hand, remains Violent and is 'furry.' Yeeeess.... - SunKitten
(PeterTaylor) Anyone can edit the information, although it's reviewed. I don't know what the review process is like, but I think I can take credit for getting PF's Violent tag removed and fixing a misleading ambiguity in the description. I haven't kept up with LookingForTheSun, so I'll leave it to you or someone else to correct its entry.
Yes, I picked up that anyone could edit stuff, which is cool. What was the ambiguity? Thanks for sorting it out :) - SunKitten
(PeterTaylor) It said that PF was about a group of student mages "going to Cambridge". That sounds to me like a travelogue.

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