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A central theme in fiction, politics, religion and pretty much everything when it comes down to it.  Of course, the definitions of 'good' and 'evil' are entirely variable, even within a single given situation.

Walking down Southampton high street today I was a little surprised to see two men having a sword fight.  They were using wooden swords, but of the practise variety rather than the toy variety, and, although the action was obviously scripted, they were not tapping each others swords but were striking with a fair degree of conviction.

This alone is moderately interesting.  What really caught my eye though was the fact that one was dressed in white trousers and a white shirt with white wings on his back while the other was wearing black jeans and t-shirt with a black trenchcoat and black wings stuck to his back.

It turns out, on closer inspection, that the local Christian church had decided to have an open coffee morning to get people to come in and that this was their method of promoting the event...

 - Kazuhiko

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