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Pilot, TV series, TV series, movie and now OVA.  (Well, not animated, but the same concept - direct to cable and video short series of not quite long enough to be movies.)

The pilot and first tv series chronicle the travails of the last colony fleet as it escapes the colonies by the evil cylons, betrayed by their councilor, and searches for the legendary lost colony 'earth'.  Guarded by the 'battlestar' (a giant carrier ship) and her squadrons of fighters (who existed solely as half a dozen pieces of stock model footage spliced together to make long space battles)

Filled with cliche and humour, adventure and some extremely tacky chauvanism it was great fun.

The second series took place on earth.  They had flying bikes.  It was... different.  Most would say poor.  It was never explained why the daring pilots of the first series were sent to do a crappy job of intelligence gathering.  The aim of this series was to acheive integration with earth, give the colonists somewhere safe to live, and prevent the cylons from discoverin earth.  I don't think they succeeded in any of these aims before the show was canned.

The movie was a prequel, detailing the betrayal.  Except it became not a betrayal.  The canon was changed more than slightly, the cats was different and it became just another big space explosion celebration.

The direct to video stuff takes place in this same canon and is thus despised.

It has been remade into what RobHu thinks is a rather good SciFi TV series. Changes from the original include StarBuck? being a woman, some of the Cylons being indistinguishable from humans, and the Cylons having religious beliefs. Currently in series 3.


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