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Television. The goggle box. The tube. That flickery thing in the corner.

What's on?

This may be a good point to point out that WikiIsNotAnEncyclopaedia?. Feel free to reify any of these UnreifiedLinks if you have something to say about the TV show in question, but don't go reifying all of these for no reason. <-- feel free to rephrase this in a more friendly way also --AlexChurchill
I originally intended to add a few titles that I had decided to create pages for such as DharmaAndGreg. Then, as I was adding those to the list, I added everthing that I have at least one episode of in a kind of "while I'm on doing that anyway" mode. Also, the TV page was very empty and missing a number of very good shows, whilst containing some very bad ones. Feel free to remove them/delete this conversation as you see fit. --qqzm
I see no reason to delete the links, as they're things people might well have things to say about (certainly more people ought to find out about DharmaAndGreg). If there's something to say, I'd actively encourage people to say it. Discussion and information is part of what ToothyWiki is about! I'd just discourage people from reifying them if they *don't* have anything to say. Does that make sense? If I'm overstating things then by all means tell me to shut up - I'm no more a webmaster of ToothyWiki than you are! --AlexChurchill, worried he's turning dictatorial or authoritarian

[Potentially], unreality TV could be the new reality TV..

Who's on?

CategoryTimeSink, CategoryCategory; see also WhyWatchTV

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