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I want to hire artists for the card game, for gag-a-day 4-koma or dramatic webcomics, and voice talent.

Who would be interested? -TsundereLightning

How much? ;) - SunKitten
What do you think a reasonable price for an ongoing 4-koma or the Bliss Stage: Rapid Eye Movement webcomic would be, honestly?  I can't pay much up front, but there are profit shares and additional payment on completion.
How many updates and when? To be honest, I don't think I can commit to another webcomic; I've got three on the go already. But that's the sort of question you need to answer when looking for comickers. You can check out [Sonia Leong's commission page] for a good idea of what British comickers might charge (bear in mind she is a proper professional, unlike me). I have never done a comic at a professional per page basis, but I think between 50 and 150 is a fair rate ($87-$237, approximately) - SunKitten
I'll check for the purposes of Bliss Stage: REM, but the 4 panel gag comics would be black and white, fairly small, and also be finite.  Character based humor. - TsundereLightning
How often? - SunKitten
Weekly, I would think. - TsundereLightning

For the card game, each set I would ask you to do would include 36 images, for print, to be scaled down to 2.25" wide and 3.25" tall (standard playing card size).  I would want black and white sketches for same for $10 each by the end of March, and would give you 1 out of 50 shares of the profit.  Name your price for the finished full color set by Fanime in August.  The number of shares per set will NEVER increase; I would re-negotiate for the second block (this is the open beta and first set block) -TsundereLightning
I have no idea what you mean when you're talking about shares, sorry! As for prices - I would charge about 10 for an inked image ($10 is 6). Coloured - maybe 20-30 total, including the inking. I'm basing that on a rate of 10 per hour; some images would take longer than others. If the finished full set is 36 cards, that'd come to 900, which is about $1,425. Bear in mind this is 2-3 hours of my time per card, which is about an evening after work per card, and that's a lot of free time. I need to want to do a large project like this. Have you any more specifics? There are proper professionals around who might be interested, too - I'm not sure how much they'd charge, but I can put you in contact with them - SunKitten
By "1 of 50 profit shares" I mean that for every dollar of the card game that makes a profit, you would earn $0.02 cents.  And that would be for the inked images 360, or $600 - a bit out of my price range right now.  I had hoped that offering shares of future profit would be an interesting incentive... doesn't mean I can't ask for it later or we can't re-negotiate, but not now.  Do put me in contact with some people tho. -TsundereLightning
Ah. I'm afraid that offering a share of future profit probably isn't going to be an inducement without something to back it up - a guaranteed publisher for the game, for example, or proof of past sales. As to price, I'm afraid I suspect that that's cheaper than most would charge - like I say, I'm not a professional. Bear in mind that the minimum wage in England is over 5 per hour, so charging 10 per hour for skilled labour is pretty cheap, and most of the artists I know would charge the same or more. That said, it's still worth asking. When you do, be precise and detailed - the card game description is fine, but the comic description's a bit vague, I'm afraid.
So, artists - and do check their sites in case they have a commissions page. Sonia's is linked above:
[Kate Holden] (member of the IndieManga? comic circle)
[Emma Vieceli]
[Rebecca Burgess] (drunkduck user page - let me know if you want to contact her and can't find the address)
[Laura Watton]
[Nanna Li]
[Faye Yong]
[Vicki Paull] (not working at the moment - not sure why)
Also, try advertising on Sweatdrop again - if you have a lower budget, you may find someone younger who isn't trying to earn a living from their art, who has time and is willing to work as more of a partner in the project. Many of the younger artists on Sweatdrop forums are horrendously talented ;) Good luck! - SunKitten
Thank you, and same to you. :D -TsundereLightning

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