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TsundereLightning is from Treasure Island, San Francisco, much to his dismay. 

He blundered into this wiki accidentally, by following AlexChurchill.  It was his intent to ask him the questions to the ultimate answers of LifeTheUniverseAndEverything.  (Or at the very least, how on Yrth you get the best ending with Asilana in ElvenRelations, having already successfully romanced Tokho and Yurika.)

As far as he knows, TsundereLightning is not actually a TsunDere.  This is primarily because he no longer beleives himself to be female, nor does he have a habit of going SlapSlapKiss.  He only uses that name on the grounds that he likes to write DatingSims.  He has recently finished the first draft of his first OELVN, TransformationSequence.

TsundereLightning is, in fact, known as ElliottBelser in the RealWorld.  He swears blind that he doesn't SpeakInThirdPerson? IRL.  Of late, because of a malicious hacker getting ahold of his log-ins, ElliottBelser prefers to use his TsundereLightning handle.

[I now have a Deviant Art page,]] dedicated to my BlissStage FanArt? and to my work on OELVN art: check it out.

WelcomeToWiki --Vitenka (You might wanna look at ElvenRelations/SpoilerDiscussion )
Why, thank you kindly, Vitenka.
Welcome! Good to see you here - StayAwhileStayForever, or at least enjoy your visit :) RecentChanges and ToothyChat are good places to see what's happening. --AlexChurchill
Good to see you too.  Any word yet on ElvenRelationsII?? -TsundereLightning

BTW I think the WalledGarden? complaint is somewhat over-made and would hate to see you remove everything.  --Vitenka
How about this: I'll leave blurbs about the projects, and link to the Scratchpad pages from there, but not have my random brain-dumps here and work on those projects at Scratchpad? --ElliottBelser
Done. --ElliottBelser

And now for REM: TheAbridgedSeries?.  Just for S&G.

I think the term you are looking for is EntireSeriesInThirtySecondsWhilstOnCrack... --CH
Well, yes.  That was the idea. --TsundereLightning


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