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BNF: Bobacus/LimerickGenerator

bnf ::= <sex::=sexes> line1 <br> line2 <br> line3 <br> line4 <br> line5
line1 ::= "There was" sub_adj sub_noun##sex "from" sub_place_rhyme1
line2 ::= "that" silly_thing_rhyme1
line3 ::= silly_action_rhyme2
line4 ::= silly_context_rhyme2
line5 ::= punchline_rhyme1

sexes ::= male | female

sub_adj ::= "an old" | "a young"
sub_noun_male ::= "man" 
sub_noun_female ::= "lady" | "woman"
sub_place_rhyme1 ::= "Niger"
silly_thing_rhyme1 ::= "smiled as" pronoun##sex "rode on a tiger"
silly_action_rhyme2 ::= "they returned from the ride"
silly_context_rhyme2 ::= "with the" noun##sex "inside"
punchline_rhyme1 ::= "and a smile on the face of the tiger"
pronoun_male ::= "he"
pronoun_female ::= "she"
noun_male ::= "poor man"
noun_female ::= "lady"

See this [limerick discussion page].

This is probably ill-fated as a concept, due to the amount of state that needs to be passed to future lines.
Hope you don't mind me making the sexes agree for you. I actually tried something similar on MoonShadow/Poems, but rapidly got bored after proving the concept. - MoonShadow
Not at all! I was just reading the discussion about the new syntax: you have provided a nice simple example for me. And yes, I thought it would have been done to death, but that's what meming's about, ne? ;-)


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