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Thing wot generates stuff. See GeneratorsForDummies for an introduction. Click title for a list of generators and related pages.

See also [Blunkett Policy Generator].

Next question, why does my header not head? (or to be less cryptic, how do I escape a |) ?
Escape it as an HTML entity: | gives |

First time I parsed this, it was as a generator for categories rather than a category for generators. I wish I had the l33tn3ss to follow up on this intention. --Requiem
As you [wish]...

 option ::= include = AlexChurchill/MagicCardGenerator
option ::= include = Kazuhiko/Generator?
bnf ::= Category words | Category words | Category words | words Matters | words People
words ::= word | word words | word words
word ::= adjective word | randomword | randomword | randomword | randomword | object | choosesinglecreaturetype
randomword ::= Thing | Anything | Stuff | Wiki | Category | Computer | Place | Television | Bear | Comic | Words | adjective
adjective ::= Awful | Over | Insane | Rampant | Cute | Technical | Frightening | adjective ly adjective
option ::= spaces = 0

... and thus, the wiki achieved full competence to run itself.  --Vitenka
Although CategoryTelevisionComicBearComicTelevisionAnythingTelevisionStuff? is pushing it a bit.
Yay! :bounce:

InsaneBookcaseAnythingComputerComicComputerCategoryPlacePlaceRampantTechnicalAnythingBearAnythingPeople? ^_^

CategoryKittenTechnicalMatters :)
I think there's a definite need for its suggestion of category ZombieMatters?, which could I suppose be also known as CategoryClericFrighteningThing?. Many pages in category Security could more accurately and honestly be classed as WordsComputerFrighteningMatters?. CategoryFryingPanTechnical? sounds like a reference to the ClueByFour, CategoryPlaceRampantGolem? is also known as the CambridgeCollegeTransformers, and perhaps WordOfTheDay should be renamed to CategoryWordsCute?... --AlexChurchill (those are all genuine productions of BNF: CategoryGenerator)
And this BNF script itself is definitely CategoryFrighteningCategoryRampantTechnicalAwfulFryingPanStuff? and belongs in CategoryFrighteningWikiPlace?!

It actually legitimately managed to come up with CategoryWikiPage? on my first try today.  I'm impressed by the usefulness of this tool.  I am also hiding under the desk from the categorisers...  --Vitenka
ElfShrubberyPeople?.  CategoryAwfulFryingPan?.  --Vitenka (Well, BNF really.)

Question for MoonShadow: how do you generate and use the random seed shown along with each generation? I'm assuming something like: srand(time); seed = rand(); srand(seed); ? --CH
See the [github repo] ;) - the relevant code is lines 361-362 and 373
my $seed = int(rand()*(1<<31));


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