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Capitalised Words
Words Like This.

If you run several Capitalised Words together, you create a WikiWord link, like CapitalisedWords.

But you probably knew that already. So. Great big page to fill, and the subject is already exhausted.

Tum te dum....

I know - let's talk about something else! For instance, someone asked me last night whether pixels are fattening or not. What do you think?
I think most of her bulk is actually fur, so my vote would be for no. --Admiral
Well, I think they're slimming.  They certainly seem smaller than they were on my Amiga, anyway.  But just think of how many we'd waste if we didn't recycle electrons!

- On the other hand, the more of them your monitor has, the fatter it gets...

Does this mean TFT monitors have eating disorders? ^^;;; - MoonShadow
More a sort of digestion disorder, given the way TFT monitors are going now. --Admiral

Maybe it's from the equation words = information = power = money that we get Capitalised Words --DR


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