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I hereby propose a motion to abolish the distinction between different kinds of book (see CategoryBooks subpages for full list) and just call them all picture books (or even comic books), because that is the kind of book most ToothyWikizens encounter first, and because I am sure there are some people who might one day visit ToothyWiki who, a bit like LewisCarroll?'s Alice, cannot conceive of a book that is not aimed at English-speaking children, a book without pictures, or even what the point of such things would be should they exist. After all, what is the point of inventing more and more terms when "Picture Book" is a perfectly good description of a thing made of paper that one reads?

All things that aren't comic books, whether they are even books or not, should also be placed into CategoryForeignRubbish? (they can't possibly be any good. After all, who'd ever write books that aren't funny comic strips for children speaking English? What would be the point? Why would anyone want to talk about them? Why would anyone want to distinguish between them and comic books?)

All other categories should be abolished - the wiki is overcategorised anyway. It should be more like a newsgroup.

While we're at it, we should all switch to using NewSpeak.

CategoryTongueInCheek? CategoryTroll? CategoryFlame?
Isn't that jumping the gun a bit? No-one's flamed you yet, you miserable cretin. Personally, people like you disgust me. Can't even be bothered to wait for people to respond before you claim a flame war. Where's the sense of responsibility? Oh, and another thing: you call that a troll? Murphy could write a better troll than that...
No, I was flaming ChiarkPerson, in response to his/her recent categorisations; I was following the trend of being somewhat subtle about it. As for Murphy, I am sure she could; I shall have to ask her when I get home. - MoonShadow, well-known Blatherskite

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