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Note, ChiarkPerson had his Chiark? account removed, and so the name is now less accurate than once it was. - Atreic

Posting from chiark.greenend.org.uk and apparently unwilling to tell us anything more.

If we weren't so lazy, we could find out.

We are royal, don't we know.

So we are putting graffiti all over the homepage of someone who is at least polite enough to sign their paragraphs when asked and thus enable a coherent argument string to be seen.

What has happened?
Are you referring to chiark.greenend.org.uk? It does appear to be reachable, just *very* slow.. - MoonShadow
Ah, there you go - it's [slashdotted], courtesy of Mr. Tatham :) - MoonShadow
Permission to have my brain melt out of my ears? That's just evil! --CH
Don't help the Slashdotters! I want to read my e-mail!
Sorry, I was unclear. Duff's Device, as reported in the linked Wikipedia article, is evil. --CH
Well, it's very strage - and points out a fairly clear wekness in C, which is that switch/case is nothing but a cleverly named goto.  Abusing it to force things that you could just implement as native libraries seems... mad.  --Vitenka
I think at the time there were good reasons to avoid using asm, and Duff's Device looks a lot more tempting when you have 1/1000th the number of clock cycles... -- Senji
I remember hearing about a co-routine implementation that used setjmp() and longjmp(), and I have actually used an exception handling system in C that defined macros try and catch and used setjmp/longjmp. (Worked very well too.) I think it was part of DeskLib? for RiscOS?. --B
Bloody Slashdot.

ChiarkPerson is, of course, not to be confused with Emperor or Senji, both of whom might also admit to being ChiarkPeople.

Surely no one could confuse ChiarkPeople with the ChiarkPerson?

Of course not. Not all those who post from chiark.greenend.org.uk are one. (Megaera? I mean, really.)
Are one what? --Senji
Person? Being? Entity? Stream of consciousness? --M-A
Chiark is not a person, it is a state of mind -- Gwyntar
Mind is a small country which borders Russia --Angoel

ChiarkPerson appears to be allergic to any mention of RichardDawkins in any context whatsoever ;)

A question for ChiarkPerson.  It seems clear that you rather dislike Wikis in general as a forum for debate.  It seems that you don't enjoy the debates that we have here (unless you enjoy posting saying that you don't enjoy them).  It seems that rather than the general air of an open group of friendly people chatting about things that they're vaguely interested in, you'd much prefer a forum where people intensely study things before putting forward carefully prepared essays.  And it also seems you're not interested in saying nice things about people, but rather describing people's points of view as stupid and immature.  So... why do you continue posting here?  --AlexChurchill

I read because I am bored; I write when my irritation overcomes my wisdom.

In which case I think all I can do at the moment is say that we (as a community) are honoured to be your source of diversion from boredom, and request that you, and all of us, attempt to be courteous and not insulting when participating in discussions.  --AlexChurchill

You write:  the background story rather than the more important sense of narrative within play
Interesting.  What do you mean by "sense of narrative within play"?  Could you give some examples?


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