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A manga, recently (winter 2003) turned into an anime.  NunsWithGuns? go demon-hunting in the 1920's.  The Magdalen Order of Exorcists trains sisters (most of whom seem about 16-22) in the destruction of the assorted demons that are attacking America.  Mostly, this involves bullets specially prepared by the Elder (a true MadScientist?, in the mould of JamesBond's Q) fired from pistols or machine-guns.  Think holy water but in bullet form.

The two main characters are Sister Rosette and Chrno (sic), who are a team who go demon hunting together.  Rosette apparently has an unfortunate tendency to cause collateral damage, resulting in a telling-off from her boss, Sister Kate, after every single mission.  Her temper when irritated makes this very believable.  I could also swear she was AsukaLangley in a past life.  Chrno on the other hand is a calm boy who's mostly unflappable by circumstances (but see his character background in episode 2).

It's so far seeming rather good.  In particular, there is backstory, definite blurring of black and white, and demons on the humans' side and vice versa.

Yes, Chrno is spelled like that.  And pronounced k-r-no.
In the original Japanese, at least. For the Western release, they rather sensibly inserted the missing O. --AC

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