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Traditional.  See SelfReferentialDefinition.

Also: 2U Instant. Counter target spell unless its controller pays X, where X is the number of cards in your graveyard. Madness U.  <--- Geek

See [this link] for the card image.  (Open in new window if you can.)

I don't even want to know what MtG is doing now.  Unless madness is similar to unglued.

Nope.  Madness is (as admitted by the rules team themselves) the most complex mechanic to come along in the past couple of years.  There were a grand total of 10 cards printed with Madness.  It basically means that if you discard the card that has Madness (whether it's as part of a cost, or part of an effect), and if you can pay the Madness cost (for this spell it's U, i.e. one blue mana), then you can play it instead of it going to your graveyard.  This is cool for putting creatures into play at instant speed; cool because a number of cards are cheaper to play for madness than their regular mana cost, like this one; and cool because it turns a discard, normally card disadvantage, into (usually) card advantage.  --AlexChurchill
Discussion of Madness moved to MagicTheGathering/MadnessMechanics


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