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ColinT's LinuxBox is a LinuxBox/Debian.

It's a slow 500MHz AMD/K6-II? (formerly AMD/K6-III?, but we blew that one up).

It is used in preference to the 1.7GHz AMD/Athlon? WindowsBox, as it is stable enough not to blow up if left on all the time (ColinT has blown up two motherboards this way, and concluded that he needs to remove the SCSI? cable from the insides to allow some vague degree of airflow).

It has an iptables? firewall in place, that does a good job of ignoring almost anything. It provides NAT? for his internal network, thus sharing the NTL? broadband connection.

It runs 2.5.70, as the soundcard doesn't work in 2.4 kernels, so it must use Debian's Sarge distribution. It is kind enough to download new packages each week for me to review and install.

It also runs X, under which Mozilla runs. Mozilla seems to be pretty good, but typing a page like this seems to cause an enormous load upon the system, approximately 1.2 when I am typing at full speed. This is not a GoodThing.

It runs Pine, which is definitely a GoodThing.

It is currently being used to try to build a i386->Solaris cross-compiler, without any luck whatsoever.

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