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A type of tree.

Also a glorious text based email client for many operating systems.
I was disappointed to find that it has no scent.... Tsunami
Try looking in scent-mail. --MJ (*DAR*ing)
It has historically had some rather individual ideas about parsing headers.  Rjk
Really?  Like what?  It's not like it does anything except display most of the headers anyway.  --Vitenka
Originally it thought that the presence of a Newsgroups: field in a message meant it had been posted to news, which isn't necessarily the case.  Last time I looked at the source, it examined the Message-ID and to decide whether to interpret the Newsgroups field that way, which is better but still demented.  This matters because it influences the behaviour of the "followup" command.
Oh right, so you could email someone and they would be able to followup the message to a newsgroup.  Not a major problem, surely?  --Vitenka (who really really liked having newsgroups and inboxes all in the same place, with none of this 'threading' nonsense)
The problem as actually observed was that if the sender sent a mail message with a Newsgroups field in it (for instance, as a unicast reply to a news posting) then the (Pine-using) receiver would sometimes accidentally send their reply to the newsgroup instead of by mail.  Potentially very embarassing!  If Pine had made the distinction on the basis of where it got the message from, rather than what it found in the headers, the problem would never arise.  Gnus manages to treat mail and news similarly without generating the same problems Pine did, for instance.

Formally supposed to be short for "Program for Internet News and Email".  Informally supposed to be short for "Pine Is Not Elm?".

Oh no, it's an Infinitely Recurring Acronym! It'll abbreviate us all! -- Xarak

Also (vb) to miss: as in "E's pining for the fjords!"

I'm trying to recover all of my old mail from Hermes Pine and move it elsewhere.  The problem is that I cannot access the folders which contain the mail from each month.  The folder that ftp accesses called "mail" is not the same as the one pine accesses called "mail".  Can anybody help?  --AR
PeterTaylor expresses mild surprise, because he managed to use ftp to get the contents of his Hermes mail folder. What does the mail folder ftp shows you contain?
Um, yes. They changed the whole system over to a black box IMAP server a few months back, so I wouldn't know how you would do that any more. Probably the best option is to ask postmaster or post on one of the news groups on which the postmaster lurks. --Admiral
They've not changed any of the online documentation, which is a bit odd considering the system change.  What I can say is that when I list my files (using 6, then 1 from main menu), the following display appears:

.MSforward        .newsrc                .sig2
.MSforward.old          .newsrc.old            .signature
.Xauthority            .pine-interrupted-mail  .termtype
.addressbook            .pinerc                Mary.bmp
.addressbook.lu        .pinerc.old            dead.letter
.forward                .printer                mail/
.forward.old            .printer.old            news/
.mailboxlist            .project
.mlbxlsttmp            .project.old

September 2003.idx  September 2003.ldx


When I SCP in, and access the mail file, I'm given access to September 2003.idx and September 2003.ldx.  What I need access to is mail/.  However, for some reason, SCP thinks mail: is mail/.  I don't know how to convince it otherwise... --AR

Angela, what does the file .mailboxlist contain? It looks interesting. BTW, is anyone aware of a tool that will connect to an IMAP server, pull out all the folders and mailboxes and replicate the entire structure in a folder on another IMAP server? - 'cos it seems like a useful tool, and RFC:2060 doesn't seem *that* difficult if you're not actually interested in parsing the message headers/content or storing the mailboxes locally, so if no-one else has written one yet I might.. - MoonShadow
Try [isync] (not to be confused with Apple's iSync) or [OfflineIMAP] (both in Debian under the obvious names) --SMcV
They retrieve the mail OK, but neither of those seem very happy with sending mail back up to an IMAP server. mailsync (found via link on the isync page), however, managed just fine ^-^ - MoonShadow

I don't know, but since it hasn't been "changed" since January 2000, I'm not too concerned.  In fact, the really weird thing is that I know I sent email yesterday, and yet none of those files have been touched since 05/06/2004.  That's why I wonder whether I'm even accessing the right place. --AR

OK... for those of you all sitting up waiting to hear the answer to where my mail has gone...  I know you're out there.  I know you're fascinated about why this operation won't work.  The mailbox that I have ftp access to is not the same place where the directories containing my mail are stored.  This is because of the transfer to the new (supposedly superior) system.  Now one has to download the mail using the webmail interface (yuck!).  All is proceeding well except that I've lost all of my email from April.  Darn.  Oh yes, and I can't get the SCP program to connect to lucien for more than 5 seconds before dropping the connection.  Weird.  --AR

Odd. Works from here (unsurprisingly) ^^; Hmmm...
 Jun  9 23:58:53 lucien sshd: subsystem request for sftp
Jun  9 23:58:53 lucien PAM_unix: (ssh) session opened for user angela
Jun  9 23:59:08 lucien sshd: Disconnecting: Corrupted MAC on input.
...over and over again. Also a
 Jun  9 23:50:07 lucien sshd: subsystem request for sftp
Jun  9 23:50:07 lucien PAM_unix: (ssh) session opened for user angela
Jun  9 23:50:41 lucien sshd: Disconnecting: Bad packet length -1555124649.
..anyone seen anything like this before? What software are you using, Angela? Are you having network trouble in general that you're aware of at all? Could someone with a couple of spare minutes and a ToothyWikiInternals/MailServer account try downloading something from their account using sftp to see if the problem is limited to Angela's system or not? Ta.. If all else fails, I can use one of the pieces of software SMcV suggested to grab your data from hermes and then dump it on lucien next time you're here..
Was able to connect - via SFTP3, WinSCP tells me - and transfer files of 100k or bigger in both directions. And unfortunately no, I've never seen any errors like that before. --AlexChurchill

Groups: sftp %22corrupted mac%22 suggests it's most likely a hardware problem - dodgy router or some such. Since you're the only person experiencing this, AFAIK, this would imply the problem is near your end of things. - MoonShadow

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