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Frequently, when reading debates on various internet forums or engaging in them in real life, I have thought that it would be nice to have somewhere to record the arguments raised, supporting papers linked to and conclusions reached.  I am therefore appropriating this corner of wiki to do so; feel free to add to debates recorded, but be aware that I may refactor them rather draconianly.  --Angoel

That is quite a comprehensive task.  Are you thinking of something like [Santa Anna] . [this], or [this] ? --DR

Controversial Issue - a situation or type of situation where there is no one commonly agreed right course of action because the situation/history is unknown/muddied, the factors involved are complex, multiple conflicting deeply held values/beliefs are involved, or there are conflicting interests.

Which side, in a particular war, has right on their side (eg Israel, Ireland)
The best way to raise and educate a child
The correct balance between freedom and safety (eg gun control)
Does eating prawns then not repenting of it condemn you to hell? (cf homosexuality, abortion, jihad, animal rights)
Do the ends justify the means (terrorism, torture, global warming)
With global warming, isn't it a question of whether the means justify the end? --SGB

How would you classify them?  Are all controversial issues of equal generality, interest or importance? --DR

Here's a list of 'hot button' debates from another website:


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