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Angoel is one of those rare Cantabrigians who have succeeded in escaping Cambridge.  He has just qualified as an actuary, hence has the letters 'MA FIA' after his name.
Yeay!!  --M-A & Nat
That is pretty cool. Congratulations :) - SunKitten

Welcome! - MoonShadow
Gosh, I'm getting a strange feeling of recognition - Sally
If this is who I think it is, then they're also the person responsible for introducing AlexChurchill to SettlersOfCatan and its associated games, and thus indirectly at least 20 people who regularly play it now...  ...Which is pretty cool :)  And if so: great to see you again!  --AlexChurchill
Called S********, uses a Windows box, lives near London?
*raises eyebrow* So your primary ways of identifying someone are, in order, first name, operating system, location.  Are you a CompSci by any chance? - Kazuhiko
First nym - note 'called' not 'named'.  --Vitenka
PeterTaylor apologises for any confusion arising from his failure to sign his question to Alex. The ordering of the information is the order in which I deduced it. (I could be more specific about the location, but I don't want to intrude too much).

Angoel has clearly failed in his attempt to be even vaguely anonymous.  For even one day.  Maybe I shouldn't have chosen a Nom de Plume that Google has such an easy time locating.  <Does a quick search>.  Yes, Amnar would have been a lot better.  Oh, well...

Or Pebbles?...
I think that would have been fairly obvious to some people --Angoel
ColinT suspects that Pebbles? is not too thrilled to reminded of this particular salutation. Much to his amusement.
I am ambivilent about it.  Passively ambivilent.

My current passion is BoardGames, and in particular BoardGame Design.

I am linking to Diets and to ControversialIssues, because I want to create a page about it, and am not sure where I really should be starting it from.  Unfortunately for the latter, editing seems not to be allowed.  Oh, well - I'll try it at some later point.
You have to be logged in to create a new page.  --Vitenka
Sadly I cannot remember my password, and besides, I should currently be working.
You can create another username with the same name. --AC

Maintains ActuarialLinks

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