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I don't normally go in for poetry but, after composing a haiku in honour of shoddy installers, I felt the urge to put it somewhere.

I have decided I really like haiku. This is because, as a mathmo, I have very little difficulty counting to 5 twice and 7 once. Whether my haiku are any good is a completely different matter, and an independent analysis is likely to conclude that I should be summarily executed for offenses against reason. But hey.

Monitor's bright glare
Fuels your frenzy. This machine
Will devour your soul.

File can't be found. No such file
Or directory"

Tears fall on keyboard
You sob and wonder how you
Broke The Build Again

Written in honour of the TiMidiTy? package.
TiMidiTy? is possibly unique in that it doesn't install its own config file. Go figure.

The Internet is
Terribly addictive. The
Power of Knowledge.

The Dark Side is that,
Once you have your opinions,
You seek to share them

Information in
The depths of a morass of
Flame wars is no use.

This haiku is technically a metaopinion and hence even more destructive to the worth of the 'net
Looking back, it is also crap and has been scheduled for termination. I ought to read up on haiku. Can anyone recommend a good resource?

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