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Due to the fact that on the [MathWiki] I sign myself as AlexLabram, I keep typing it in on ToothyWiki by mistake. I've set it up to redirect here - hope no-one minds. Incidentally, the MathWiki now has LaTeX? support :)

I'm about to leave Cambridge for the holiday. Sorry I haven't been posting much - I've been busy setting up a [MathWiki]). Any mathmos in the audience should definitely visit it. I'll probably spend more time on ToothyWiki again once it's settled down.
Wow, the MathWiki is very cool. I wish it had existed in my day... --Rachael
Add yourself and start writing! The MathWiki needs you! Alumni are always welcome, just create a Graduates section for your college. -- CorkScrew


/AboutMe - I'm a member of the AssassinsGuild so not much here :P
/MathsPaperGenerator - gives results like "Analytic and algebraic topology of locally Euclidean metrizations of infintely differentiable Riemannian manifolds." Bozhe moi!
/Poetry - Quetzalcoatl spare us...
/Rants - a part of the process of blowing off steam. Keeps me out of the straitjacket.
/Sigs - my vast collection of sigs. Further proof that I have no life :(


(See /AllAboutCategories for a recent debate)

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