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A BoardGame designed by AlexChurchill for 2-4 adults or children age 7+.


(Printed: contact Alex for PDF)
Central map board, two-sided: [one side for 3 players], [one side for 2 or 4 players]
Four creature boards (blue, red, brown and black; alternatively use creature-shaped boards)
Six shop tiles and six station tiles
Deck of 16 Secret Goal cards
16ish special power cards
Four shape tiles (circle, heart, triangle, square)
(Your own components:)
A player pawn or animal piece in each of blue, red, black and brown
13 Trophy tokens (stars, gold beads, etc)
Opaque bag
(Either printed or using your own tokens)
80 [body part tokens]: 20 each of Arm (yellow), Leg (green), Brain (purple), Belly (blue)
1 grey [Plasm body part token]

A printable PDF is available on request, containing all the above images at the correct size.


You control a Creature as it moves around the map, collecting body part tokens and installing them into your body or spending them to get special powers.
At the start you can move two steps, hold up to one token at a time, and use one space (a shop or station). Try to use the stations that let you install tokens to increase the amount you can do on your turn until you win!

Winning the Game

The aim of the game is to get four Trophies. You can get trophies in two ways: meet the conditions on a Secret Goal card, or install six of the same kind of token on your creature's body.
Example: Bethany's creature has 6 Arm tokens installed, 6 Belly tokens installed, and a Secret Goal saying "Have 5 Belly installed and 2 Arms installed". So she has three trophies, and just needs one more to win!
When someone gets to 4 (or more) Trophies, finish the round: players keep taking turns until the next time it would be the start player's turn. At that point the game is over and whoever has the most Trophies wins.


Put the map board in the centre of the table, with the side face up according to how many players you have. Put the Special Powers board next to it.
Shuffle the shop tiles and station tiles and deal them out onto the indicated spaces: stations onto the symbol and shops onto the symbol.

Each player chooses a player colour and takes the player piece and creature board in that colour. Each player takes a random shape tile. (In a 3-player game, don't use the tile with a square. In a 2-player game, each player takes two shape tiles and turns one of them face down.)
Each player puts their player piece on a shape near the centre of the board (not touching an edge).
Shuffle the Secret Goal cards. Deal 1 Secret Goal card to each player and put the rest in a face-down deck.
Shuffle the Special Power tiles. Deal seven of them onto the Special Powers board and put the rest in a face-down deck where it says "Special Powers".

Put all the Arm, Leg, Brain and Belly tokens in an opaque bag.
For every shape on the map that doesn't have a player in its space, draw a random token from the bag and put it in the centre of that space (covering the shape).
Fill all empty spaces on shops with a random token from the bag.

Choose a random start player (or ask the youngest player whether they'd like to play first or last).

For your first game, everyone gets one random token from the bag into their belly to start with.
After your first game, shuffle the orange Start Tiles and deal out as many of them as you have players, plus one more. The player playing last chooses one of the start tiles; then the player to their right, round until the start player.

Example: If you took the first start tile here, you would start with an Arm token installed and a Belly token in your belly. The second token would have you start with a Leg token installed and a Brain token in your belly. The third one lets you pick one of the Special Powers on the board that only cost one tile, not two tiles. You can't use that power in your first turn. The last start tile lets you start with an extra Secret Goal, and you draw a random token from the bag, reveal it and keep it in your belly.

On Your Turn

First, at the start of your turn, look for any empty spaces that match the shape tile you have. If there are any, refill them with a token from the bag. (A space with a player on it is not empty!) In a 2-player game, turn both of your shape tiles over, and look for spaces that match the shape tile that's now face up.
Also, if there are any empty spaces on shops, refill those with tokens from the bag too.
(You may find it helpful to have one player who owns the bag and just does this automatic refilling at the start of each player's turn.)
If you have any Special Power cards turned sideways, straighten them.

Now you get to move around and collect tokens. In any order, on your turn, you can do these things:

You can do these things in any order and as many times as you're able and allowed.

At the end of your turn, any tokens that are in your Arms get "swallowed" and move down into your Belly. Initially you can only hold two tokens in your Belly; for each extra Belly token you have installed, you can store one more token from round to round. If you don't have room for all the tokens in your Arms to come down to your Belly, you have to drop some (from either Arms or Belly) into your current square.

Example turn: Zoe has two Legs installed, giving her three moves, and starts her turn on a station. She moves one step left, and grabs a Leg token from the space where she is, holding it in her Arms. She makes her second move up, onto the Adaptation Station. She uses her one Head for this turn to install the Leg from her Arms into her body. Now she has an extra Leg installed so she's got two moves left. She moves up, grabs a Brain, and decides not to use her fourth move. At the end of her turn, the Brain in her Arms moves down into her Belly.

Shops and Stations

When you use a Head to use a shop, you have to pay the token that shop wants, from your Arms or Belly (you can't pay a token that's installed on your body). Then you get the tokens that the shop was selling, straight into any open space in your Belly or Arms. Fill your Belly up first.

Each shop has a bonus if you have a particular number of installed Brains. If you have enough Brains to get this shop's bonus, pull a random token out of the bag. You get that as well. If you don't have room in your Arms and Belly for all the tokens you get, drop some of them where you are (at the top-left purple corner of the shop).

When you use a Head to use a station, you get a choice of one of two effects. The effects you might get are:

Special Powers

Here's how each of the Special Power cards work.

All your Special Powers get straightened up when you start a new turn.


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