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After a long break, filled with dusk, a new series begins.

.Hack//Sign? Episode 27 - Intermezzo

SpoilerWarning SpoilerSpace SpoilerSpace SpoilerSpace

The following is not a quick review (someone else want to paste one in?), or some kind of description or praise of the episode - it is a blow by blow written as the episode was watched synopsis.  Don't read it unless you ReallyReallyWantTo.

More SpoilerSpace.  Just to be sure.

The impregnable dungeon that gave rise to such legends in the past has been reopened, for a TimeLimitedEvent?.

Mimiru and Bear, entering the innards of a beast (like that where we first met Tsukasa).  Other players exist, and speak!  They aren't very animated, and the monsters they fight look a bit pants too.

The monsters have healers.

"Is there a character who can kill them in one strike?" - sounds like an intro for WingWing? to me!

And we get to see a giant evil Puchi.  Humm.. is this a new character, or did BLT get a makeover?  New character I think.

Heh - a single character with multiple players.  Nifty.

Hum.  And far too much honesty - no NinjaLooters in the world, it seems.  Then again, with full PK would you rob someone who can kill the monsters in "The most unbalanced dungeon ever"?

Hmmm - new characters.  Wondering whether this dungeon is really fair or fun.  Which it isn't, and is.

Hmm.. the persistent little annoying girl is also smart.  This really is being set up as a secondary party.

Hmmm.. they realy are exploring the creepy side of the net.  Then again this is Japan, maybe a college girl wanting to data an old guy isn't so abnormal.

"The bunny was all ours"

It is interesting to see the justification these people have to cheat.  Of course, in real games the justification is more blatantly 'to win'.

These are lots of pretty fight graphics, associated with somewhat dull psychology.  Seems that they are being limited by the monsters that actually exist in the game.  Rather than, you know, drawing pretty things.

Oh I *like* - showing the preservation of history.  The little girl was, of course, mimiru.

A nice self closed episode, showing how Theworld has continued more or less normally.

And ending with the revelation that Bear wasn't aware of who mimiru was.

This is, apparently, not actually an episode, but a special.  Tacked on the end of a DVD so that they could get three episodes per DVD.  There is nothing in the episode itself to be certain that it takes place after the events of the main series.  Here's hoping, though, that more series (or at least specials) really are coming along.  Though I guess we may have to wait until after episode four of the game.movie to find out what is going on...


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