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HaHa, very funny.  For the uninformed, yes, it is safe to read on...
Ye're Spoiling the joke, now.

A large amount of blank space (or simple text such as 'Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler') which forces the viewer to physically scroll down before they are exposed to the spoiler.

See also: SpoilerWarning

I remember a newsgroup posting where someone was flamed for providing less than about 50 lines of spoiler space, even though they put "Spoiler alert!" in the subject of their message.  Apparently, some people like reading newsgroup postings on full screen without reading the subjects first... --M-A
When I bothered with newsgroups I tended to read them in chrono order.  I can see the annoyance - especially if it's, I dunno, an ending to a TV show that is on at different times in different areas.  Then again, the less dopey avoid newsgroups where such spoilers might be placed, for a time.  --Vitenka

It is general good practice to put in a CTRL-L as well as many lines. --DR


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