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Louise and Douglas are happy to announce that, at 2:47 am this morning (Saturday 13th September , 2008), Mark William Adam Reay was born, healthy and happy.

After spending a few hours bonding with Douglas & Louise, Mark returned to Abi for half an hour to say "thank you for having me in your womb, Aunty Abi, and for all the care you took of me while I stayed with you", before heading upstairs to the main ward for the serious business of napping (which kept being interrupted by doctors wanting to probe this, test the other, and generally grant an MOT certificate of good health).

Mark weighed in at 56 cm long, 9 pounds and 12 ounces in weight, and an impressive grip for beards (or anything else looking interesting).

Good wishes may be sent to Mark via his secretary, Douglas.Reay@gmail.com with the tag [MARK], who will print any such message out for Mark's later perusal at such time as he cares to learn to read.

pictures [here], [here] and [here]

UPDATE: Mark is now 3 years of age and, his secretary is pleased to report, making a start on this 'reading' thing.

Wonderful, congratulations to you all! -Tsunami

UPDATE: Mark is now 5 years old.  Conversation this morning:

I've been drawing the letters of the alphabet on his morning toast, using chocolate.  Today we reached "X", and on the second piece of toast, underneath the "X" I drew a Pirate's treasure chest.

Mark (upset): I wanted a "Y".

Daddy: Sorry, you'll have to make do with a Pirate's chest full of treasure such as gold and rubies and diamonds.

Mark (perks up): Pirates keep trains in their treasure chests.

Daddy (sounds dubious): Maybe they play with toy boats?

Mark (certain): No.  Trains.

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