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Also known as Pallando.

Father of /MarkReay and /JenniferReay
Husband of LouiseReay


Sanity Check: How well does "Dunharrow" work as a name for a house that's a refuge a long way from anywhere?


Currently in need of CareerAdvice.  Having seen several other people ask, on their own pages, it is a topic that seems ripe for centralisation.

People are invited to my /LatestBarbecue on July 8th, 2006

People were invited to the /BirthdayParty2005 on October 15th, 2005

People were invited to my /BirthdayBarbecue on October 18th, 2004 and a BBQ for my wife, Kitiara on 2005-05-22. (See Kitiara/HandfastingPlan? for our forthcoming celebration of said marriage)

I have some thoughts about /TheFuture.

Has a [MagicTheGathering card].  Is still waiting to be presented with a PhysRep?.

Does strange things like ordering zebra striped jelly babies via the web to see if they actually appear.
Did they?

Has written up his visits to [British Virgin Islands], [Japan] and [Venice] 

Listed as an author of [Broken Gears]
Ooh, cool :) - SunKitten

Leader of the Cambridge branch of the UnitarianJihad

Currently working on [Project Fairdice].
See the discussion of the /FairDice protocol which refers to
[Fairdice Protocol Version 0.3].

/LendingLibrary - is books, DVDs, DVD Players, etc I have lent out to various people.

[Get Firefox!]

In favour of GoogleIdeas

DR: [this] strikes me as the kind of thing you'd be interested in. - MoonShadow

sounds a bit like [Zopa], though it's the software rather than a central service --B

Thank you.  Most interesting.  You know, sometimes it is a little strange to be me - I see to live to my own stereotype.  For instance, last night I got woken up by a nightmare.  Response?  I spent 3 hours starting a new social movement: [Ethical Virtual Economics]

And then, sometimes you [succeed]

Sub Pages include: /SocialEvolution /Intelligence /MathsProblem /PhysicsProblem /DysonBubble /ThoughtfulManifesto /TideOfLight /Freedom

Interested in: /Truth, Wisdom, UnknownUnknowns and such things.

OffWiki? writings include: [From 'Is' to 'Ought'] (A response to Hume's [A Treatise of Human Nature])

Series I read on /RoyalRoad

[Be like a child]

Love like you never will be hurting,
Learn like there's right in every way,
Laugh like no one else is watching,
Live like today is your last day.

-- 1999, Douglas Reay

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