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Allegedly a really nice IDE.  Turns out allegations can be false.  Who knew?

Vitenka only has one problem.  How the BUNNIES! do you install the damn thing?!

Either of two configurations please -
  1. C++, with a gcc backend of some kind.  On win32.
  2. Java, but this time I already have a compiler to connect it to.  On win32 again.

Something like this:
  1. Download ZIP archive from Eclipse website
  2. Unpack to directory of your choice
  3. Run executable - this should launch Eclipse --B

Should do, yes.  Never does.  Process appears to be more like:
  1. Explore eclipse website for half an hour.  Get thoroughly lost.
  2. Download half a dozen packages, none of which turn out to be what you want.
  3. Discover that you have to repeat the above two steps on the mingw site.
  4. Unpack and run Ecplise.
  5. Get a fairly pretty text editor.
  6. Discover it has absolutely no bindings or knowledge of any languages at all.
  7. Scream in frustration and go back to notepad.

I really need a step-by-step on this one.  :(  --Vitenka

I haven't used it with C or C++, so I don't know how you go about setting it up for C/C++ compilation/debugging I'm afraid. It's easy enough to get going for Java, assuming you start with a full JVM (not just a JRE) installed. All that said, I find it an over-compicated environment, what with 'perspectives' and 'views' and 'editors' and too many plugins, and I find myself fighting the system too much regarding what and where and how the projects are configured, and I use MyEclipse? which adds a whole lot more complexity ... so I often prefer to use [Notepad++] for quick editing. --B

SGB wishes he had only one problem.  In fact, he's found it will crash with little or no provocation, and breaks every time a Java security patch is applied.  The worst problem so far we reported [here]; it [hasn't been fixed] yet.

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