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See Vitenka/Games for my games.
And Vitenka/Frome for my fiction.
For everything else: http://www.vitenka.com/
I've sorta restarted catnews: http://vitenkafox.livejournal.com/

[GameFu results]

KB3087040 won't install?  Even after you followed the advice some forums give to download the patch manually?
It's because you deleted flash completely.  You'd think that the updater would say "Oh, ok, you killed it off'; so I don't need tro install updates."  But oh no.  The directory doesn't exist so it fails; so all subsequent security updates fail.  GAH.  Recreate folders %appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player %appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player and c:\windows\SysWOW64?\Macromed\Flash.  After install, you'll need to delete files in at least one of those to get rid of it again.  IDIOT PATCH.

Thoughts on the eee:
So tiny!  So light!  So... slow.  What crappy apps you must have, to be so unresponsive.  Ah well.  Apart from the file browser crashing if you try to connect to map my network drive, it seems to work - and well.  It's what the next psion organiser should have been.  --Vitenka
Or.. not.  It's a VERY thin skin around linux.  Anything unexpected happens (Like, say, starting 'add new software' whilst the autoupdate is doing its thing) and it pops up incomprehensible messages about locks it was unable to acquire.  The file manager crashes a lot, though it being a thin skin around linux is a positive thing here because you can just start a better one instead.  The web browser, at least, being firefox, just works.  It appears they have realised this, since as many of the services as possible are based on using it.  --Vitenka

Use A4 width and letter height - that way it fits on both sane peoples printers and USian ones.  Duh.  --Vitenka

Why didn't I think of this before?  The recording industries shot themselves in their collective foot when they let people say things like "Oh yeah, I bought a copy of that {game/disk/film}".  Makes it much harder to demonise illegal copying.  --Vitenka

ThouShaltNotKill - even if thou hast toothache.

Ye gods.  I thought I was quite good at SciFi, but I was mistaken.  what else could the term 'planetary piracy' mean other than stealing a planet?  --Vitenka (By con-artist in [this case], but force works too.  I'm reminded of an old Romana-era DoctorWho)

Java, using JNI, allocate from the native side - you need to use NewDirectByteBuffer? to wrap it and return it to java in a format like byte[].  (They can use array() method to get access to the bytes).  Antyhing else causes java to do masses of copying under the hood.  Of course, this isn't actually *supported* on all versions of java, which just adds to the fun.

(oOo) --EscapedSpaceAlien??

I'm at zen8038 hosted by zen.co.uk  (Slightly obfuscated due to google finding it - speaking of, I am myself at gmail) and this pages name at ntlworld.

Image: 147

The enemy of my enemy is crispy fried goodness.  For my enemy is:

Music to pet cats by meets... Pirate sea shanties.  My brain is hurting.  --Vitenka

Further information is not available here.

But when I have read a new book, and it strikes me as profound, use references to it sparingly, or else look a fool.  I must remember that in future.

First in an OpenEnded? series of one.  Thankee kindly for bringing this back to RecentChangesPlushyToaster

[Kyoooooooooooooot!] [- separated at birth..]

I'll disorganise this list later:

''Alive, dead...can't he be both?  Like some sort of comedic Schroedinger's Cat?
After all, Tupac returns once a year, like Jesus and the Easter Bunny to release another album.''

Vitenka: Got one of [these]?
Wow, that's cute.. - MoonShadow
incoherent squeaking noises --ChessyPig

Since this needs to be recorded somewhere.  Ubër became uber due to ascii-isation [shouldn't that be Über? --M-A Quite possibly  --Vitenka ] - and means 'great as in good'.  Then that became ub3r due to idiotic leets.  This, by pun, became ub4r - 'even better' since 4 is greater than 3.  This, of course, deleets to ubar.  And now you know.  --Vitenka
An interesting coincidence.  My [Tag] whilst playing online games used to be {sic} Pheonix.  Which later became Feonics due to people being unable to cope with the misspelling.  And here I am.  --Vitenka
The guy called Pheonix (sic) on the ShipOfFools isn't you, is it? --Rachael, curious
Not AFAIK.  --Vitenka

MORAT.net all gone bye byes.  (Except, oddly, irc.morat.net) [StormNews] - I've been posting here.  Hope people don't mind me frequently borrowing SiteOfTheMoment and similar.  It's a (very slightly) trimmed down list of links I visited during the week with added headlines.  (Headlines designed to make sense and/or be punful only after the link has been viewed)
Stormcaller.net updated with a bigass possibly my last link dump for a while.

There was mention and questioning of the existence of silver coloured TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles?.  Scarily, these rumours have been confirmed.  [The horror, in a synopsis]
There's even more proof for the Japanese-Cats hypothesis, on page 2 :)  --Vitenka

Apparently had too much coffee today  --PlasmonPerson
I don't drink... coffee.  --Vitenka

http://chappie.stanford.edu/archives/1999-2000/freshman_issue/simplify/  Clone stories :)

I daren't edit it myself (that page is WAY too long) but "I Said No" should be "The Big, Bad, I said NO!" (StoppitAndTidyUp)

Note, people can feel free to edit this page to send me subtle hints, or less subtle messages.  That's how it got most of its categories.  And, once upon a time, factored.  --Vitenka  (Also, Office != Offence.  Wake up then post.)

I have a portable MP4 player.  Guess what MP4 means?  It means '(header) then uncompressed rgb565 images, interspersed with an MP3 file which has been cut into 512-byte slices'
It's not actually a horrible bitrate, given the screen is only 160x128.  And the converter swaps red and blue channels...
Still.  It was free.
Having a spanner day with technology (further information not available here) - something is up with the headphone socket.  Unless I hold it in and twist, I get both very muted sound (which is understandable) and an almost complete loss of the middle frequencies (which isn't).  What on earth can cause this?  It's kinda fun - you can hear voices mainly by the echo or other effects layered on, which has let me find hidden things in plenty of tracks.  (Bob the builder has a character saying, quietly, "Well, maybe" whilst he shouts "Yes we can" which I didn't know, for example :)  But what on earth can cause such an effect?  --Vitenka
I have no idea, but I have to ask - why were you listening to Bob the Builder? --CH
Oh, that one's easy. It's stereo, right, so you are losing the ground connection, meaning that all you are hearing is the differences between the left and right channels. --Admiral

So that the web knows:  DDO (Dungeons and Dragons Online) has a HIDEOUS signup process.  If you only see 'nn' 'yyyy' then the field hidden is months by name and should be accessible by keyboard.  You can't signup with + or . in your email address, it gives you the mad #FTx style error.  (Spamgourmet is out)  Worse, if you do this, then the username you put in cannot be used for another email address.  Oh, and the username has to be long - the red box around the name is it telling you the field is bad, but it doesn't tell you the reason.  Well, I'm telling you.  This really doesn't fill me with hope that the in-game UI will be usable...

This went very very wrong online, would like to try it off: Secret Chamber, Native Village, Pearl Diver, Swindler, Militia, Thief, Ironworks, Explorer, Merchant Ship, Nobles
Yeah, it went pretty strange offline, too.  (Game ended with nobles as the last pile, no one had more than two provinces)  It's an interestingly different set - your only 'trash' is native village and you need the secret chamber to really do it properly...  Very long game.

First game in a long time I've played to completion: Kingdom Heart recoded (for the DS).  An annoying "Hammer the A-button" combat system, a vaguely interesting synthesis system that you never actually need to use.  But a decently presented nonsensical plot.  (Given this is, what, the fifteenth game in the series?  And this one is explicitly a recap, that's to be expected.)  Slightly annoyed that half the worlds in the intro aren't in the game.  (I mean - it wastes an unskippable 5 second intro-slide telling you the owner of Winnie the Pooh, whose existence in the game is limited to the pointless money being called 'munny'.  (The useful money being called SP)  Sphere-grid system works well, bouncy jumpy stuff is fun.  One Rico.

I just want to cerebrate / another day of thinking straight...

For every time I set up a firefox:

"Cannot post here, user . is banned from this channel."  Not sure what's going on, I'm logged in (bth www. and without)
...try now?
Works, but looks like it thinks I'm logged out.  Very confusing.  Will poke more.  --Vitenka

Today's "WTF Firefox":

Bleh.  *grumble* "Have to log in to comment"  Grr.  Re: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15458200

The web seems to have lost that Genesis Aladdin was actually done by Tiertex.  One fun fact - the music was actually a result of a misunderstanding.

Tiertex had assumed that Virgin had the license to the Disney soundtrack.  At the time of the demo - they didn't!  As a result, only the first few tracks (including the wonderful rendition of the Aghrabah Market music - based on 'Prince Ali') are from the film - the remainder of the game had to use original music.

The story goes that Disney had not wanted to license the music, because of how terrible computer music generally sounded.  But they were impressed enough to allow it, after they had heard it.

I also remember playing at least a build that had the genie slot-machine.  It did indeed show up between levels and let you convert genie tokens into lives or gems etc.  I thought it had made it into the final release; but maybe not.

Couple of little ideas.
You could do something with a UI like... you visit a time, state how much of each resource cube it had setting that on it - then if you move on in normal time, onto the card directly to its right - the cubes copy across, but you can take some of them with you when you move away. Then if you ever arrive onto a pre-existing tile, and the cube count doesn't match up right; you've paradoxed and everything implodes. Which leads to... mechanics kinda like nim I guess? Except instead of just taking matchsticks away, you're frantically moving them around in time to try and keep everything non-paradoxed. Done right, every time you open up a new time period you add more and more oscillations to the counts making everything harder for everyone in the long term in exchange for giving you a dumping ground in the short term.

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