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A flight simulator.  A (sometimes more, sometimes very much less) realistic simulation of somethin that flies.

The interesting variants involve combat.  And the definition stretches somewhat to include spaceships (Whose flight model is almost never realistic.  Because limited acceleration and practically unlimited top speed is boring)

The classics of the genre are not in dispute.

The Falcon series - with Falcon 3 being the real break through, and updates since then being incremental.  Combat flight sim with realistic physics and well mapped out ground.  Single and MultiPlayer?.

MicrosoftFlightSim? - no combat, but inarguably the most accurate flight model of civilian planes and airports.  You can actually log flying hours against your pilots license on this.  (Up to half of them, anyway)  SinglePlayer?.

TieFighter - Another series.  Sod realism, we want things to SEEM fast.  With plot, people who teach you maneuvers mentioned in the films and the ability to outrank (or fight against) DarthVader?.  MultiPlayer? was added at the end of the series, but the flight model changed drastically.  TieFighter is GenreDefining? in that games for years after are still copying its keyboard layout and addition of power shunting.

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