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A ship from StarWars. And a series of computer games involving flying this, or other, ships.

going more slowly no longer increased your turn rate. (At least, not below 33% thrust, anyway. This made no sense, but made fun)
There was an expansion, adding new play modes and maps.

Unfortunately, the multiplayer also sufferred from 'what the hell is going on itis' - which is realistic, teams with good comms and strategy win  - but a fully three dimensional furball is.. chaos.

The MultiPlayer? is just not my cup of tea.  But it might be yours, it's worth a try.
It is my cup of tea, or was when I last tried it. It is highly confusing, but oh so much fun. Regrettably I never managed to finish the single-player campaign; usually I get stuck somewhere around needing to rescue your relative. I once made it as far as the death-star tunnel-run, but I just could not manage it. --CH
The one time I've finished Alliance (I've played through three times; I can't remember what stopped me on one occasion but the most recent one was the computer dying on me) that gave me serious issues; it is important to note that a) you can blow obstacles up with lasers and b) the Falcon only extends in one direction from your cockpit. --SF
That's interesting. I presume that direction is forwards? Also, is the (seemingly sensible) decision to set the turret to auto-fire at enemies a good one? --CH
I think you're piloting from one of the turrets, so your vast craft is actually all on your left side.  --Vitenka (very vague recollections)
Not so much "turret" as that's where the cockpit is on a YT-1300. Don't ask me why. Turret should be linked forwards in this mission; there's nothing of significant importance behind you and you want it to shoot at the pipes. --SF
You can get the whole saga, except Alliance, on budget for a tenner.  Do so.

An alternate option would be FreeSpace.  (Also on budget)  FreeSpace has a very different campaign, but a very similar amount of plot.  It also uses most of the same keymappings and has a very familiar physics model.  MultiPlayer? is slightly more comprehensible for me.  There's also a fan-made BabylonFive conversion.
It also has slightly more realistic capital ships (no longer do you take out a capital ship - you assist YOUR capital ships in taking it down) and... eventually.. (SpoilerWarning) BeamWeaponsBeamWeapons are very very nifty.  They look nifty.  They sound nifty.  They blow stuff up. Including, on the higher difficulty levels / further on in the game, you (trivially).


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