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You get to overhear the thoughts of an average late-teen(?) boy, first over a normal afternoon and then as he encounters increasingly weird situations. The premise has a lot of promise, and what MoonShadow has seen so far of the anime has been done rather well. The main character is not at all likeable for the first few episodes, but is showing signs of gradually developing. Definitely a lot of potential here.

How much have you seen?  As of 6 episodes I concur it has some interest but unless main male grows up pretty quickly in his attitude towards main female I'm not sure I'll be able to watch any more.  Very much standard Shounen fanservice (Oh look, I'm an average disinterested uninteresting school boy who, through no action of his own, gets guns, a power suit, a nekkid female and told to hunt aliens) but with some points of interest and humour, Gantz himself being one of both. --K

The last ep we saw was the "You don't have sex with your dog, do you? - Well, actually.." one. We haven't watched any since ^^; - MoonShadow


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