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If and only if.
Also written <=>

I'm certain I've seen it as the name of something in a GuideToFantasyLand somewhere.  The abbreviation itself though stands for almost anything.  International film festival, floor football, french finance...  --Vitenka

Can also stand for InternationalFriendorFoe?
(PeterTaylor) I understood it to be IdentifyFriendOrFoe?

Also a file format mostly used by the Amiga, mostly for graphics; ISTR that it was also used for sound files, possibly amongst other things. --CH
Oooh yeah - that evolved into RIFF (audio format) which is still in use.  --Vitenka

Also a logistics company.

Looks like pages that contain the word "logistics" are being targetted and spammed. All spam will be noticed and reverted. Go away!
So they've gone to all the trouble of searching for a word?  Why?  It's not like targetted spam is going to be noticed under the torrent of untargeted stuff.  --Vitenka
The URL is now on the banned list, anyway. - MoonShadow


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