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Because I'm going to get lost otherwise:

First quarter (no edit, delete or movement)

  1. The Story
  2. Play nice
  3. Play nice
  4. Play nice
  5. Play nice
  6. Play nice
  7. If something was done in error, try to correct it, otherwise raise a vote under Primus for best action
  8. Agreements made in meetings relevant to that meeting are binding
  9. Meet the conditions at start of turn to win
  10. Cannot win through rule change, only through elemental value change or pawn exchange
  11. Legalese
  12. Priority of higher rules
  13. Legalese plus max rules cannot be reduced below num rules
  14. New rules go at the bottom
  15. Position rules for deleting
  16. Position rules for ammending

Second quarter (movement allowed, no edit or delete)

  1. Position rules for movement
  2. Sum of elemental strengths is a constant
  3. 4 elements, 4 powers
  4. 8 pawns per mage
  5. Meeting legalese
  6. "Masters of (power)" in a meeting are the group with the majority of pawns for that power
  7. Mana = Sum of pawn*elemental strength
  8. "Winning Condition", Mana >= 108
  9. Primus - Arbitration
  10. Primus - Movement of rules (world-vote)
  11. Secundus - Changes to rules (world-vote)
  12. Tertius - Elemental strength change, one point transfer (effective at end-of-turn)
  13. Tertius - Determines "Keeper of Records" (world vote)
  14. Quartus - Pawn transfer, one pawn between mages present at meeting (effective at end-of-meeting)
  15. Votes can be modified 'til next beat, voted for in next beat, actioned at end of next beat
  16. Read EO_Epoch1/PublishingGuidelines? and obey.

Third quarter (movement allowed, edit numbers by 20%, no delete)

  1. In modification period a unanimous vote amongst proposers may amend, withdraw or extend modification period by one beat
  2. Limit to movement and modification of a rule to once per turn (each)
  3. Modify one rule at a time unless splitting or combining rules in the fourth quarter
  4. Actions occur at midnight following start of beat (typically one second later)
  5. 1 action per power per meeting
  6. 10 beats silence means you've left the game
  7. 64 rules max
  8. Movement limited to 8
  9. Setup rules
  10. Elemental strength between 5 and 15
  11. Setup rules
  12. Cannot change strength of an element not present at a meeting
  13. Cannot change strength if pawns outnumber the transfer
  14. Beat every 48 hours
  15. "Powers" change on strength overtake, not when they draw equal
  16. Setup rules - new mages

Fourth quarter (movement, edit or delete allowed)

  1. Game name: "Elemental Oblivion"
  2. Setup rules
  3. Setup rules - new mages
  4. Setup rules - new mages
  5. Setup rules - new mages
  6. Setup rules - new mages
  7. No particular 2 Mages may be at 2 successive Meetings in the same heartbeat.
  8. -

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