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Quite possibly the most demented playable-game concept in quite a while.  (NintendoDS?)

The story runs, more or less, thus.

There is a planet, which has been taken over by vampires.
They have erected a HighlanderTwo? style shield to block out the sun over parts of the world.
You don't like vampires.
So you hunt them down.

And, in order to destroy them, you fire them into the sun from a giant SpaceCannon?.

It's basically a Diablo? game with twiddly bits.  Amongst those twiddly bits is having an (optional) light sensor which tells the game how bright it is outside and thus how fast your energy should recharge.  Oh, and a RailShooter? between levels as you shoot your way past the space fighters (presumably also vampires) in order to get the vampire (who you've trapped in a coffin) up to the aforementioned SpaceCannon?.

It also suffers from an overly small inventory and an irritating RockPaperScissors 'which element is he vulnerable to' system.


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