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See RockScissorsPaper.
I totally agree that the proper name is paper, scissors, stone, but who am I to argue with those who name web pages?
On the Wiki, you've got just as much right as those who named the page SomethingReallySilly :)  I always thought ScissorsPaperStone would be the proper name... but the abbreviation across the Web seems to most commonly be "RPS" or "RSP", so... *shrug* --AlexChurchill
Unfortunately RPS stands for something else aswell...
I always knew it as scissors, paper, stone. Oh well. -- TI
JinKenPo? --Kazuhiko
Jan-Ken-Po, surely?  --AlexChurchill
Hrm, yes.  I think you're right.  Can't remember where I last heard it to verify though. --Kazuhiko
Abbreviating ScissorsPaperStone (which is the name I too always knew it by) ends up causing confusion with SocialAndPoliticalSciences, though.... - tjm
Also see http://www.worldrps.com - Gwyntar
Well, it's already linked from RockScissorsPaper.  But I suppose this page has the initials in the same order as it...  --AC

Blegh - how am I to figure out where this goes?

Anyway, Uru (MystOnline) has a wonderful variant on this game.  Same basic rules for each round - the only change is the victory condition for the game as a whole.  Rather than having to win a set number of matches, you have to win three matches with the same throw - though not three in a row.  Obviously, winning seven matches guarantees you a win - but you can win in three games if your opponent is clueless.  Is random play still the best (or least worst) strategy for this game?  I don't think so, because if your opponent is playing random then you can make the same throw continually, and on avergae win faster than them.  --Vitenka
You might want to reconsider that statement... *grins* --Gwyntar
Ah, sorry - yes.  I just said something incredibly stupid.  I blame myst having fried my brain.  Damn.  It certainly makes intelligent play more tempting, but if your opponent is playing random then you can do no better than random - well, pretty much any strategy works the same.  So you might as well play random.  Damn.  --Vitenka

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