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A FunctionalProgrammingLanguage. Distinct from SML?

Hmm.  Technically yes, they are distinct.  Standard-ML is one flavour, so ML is the category.  But ML really hasn't splintered vastly and I have very little experience of the different versions, so can't comment on whether or not there needs to be a seperate page.  --Vitenka
(PeterTaylor) No. The guys who invented ML named it Standard ML to pre-empt any standardisation committees from coming along and changing it.
Yeah, but there's cambridge ML and edinburgh ml and all sorts of other ML.  All of which are almost standard ML, but which are definitely ml by any other than pedantic semantic definitions.  Mind you, ML is good at pedantic semantics...  --Vitenka
This would seem to be the appropriate Wiki page for people to explain the differences on :) --AC
Arbitary precision math is the only one I can think of that varies between versions.  I think it's part of the standard ML 'spec', but I know a lot of versions don't implement it.  Cambridge ML does.  Anyone else want to add more?  --Vitenka  Ah - [Here we go]
(PeterTaylor) MoscowML? has an astandard quit() function.

CategoryComputing. Unless this page wants to just turn into a #REDIRECT SML.

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