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Mark Gottlieb, by analogy with MaRo. A creator of MagicTheGathering cards and former writer of a [weekly column], "House of Cards", on magicthegathering.com. Has a silly sense of humour (sometimes excessively so), and includes three decks per article. Has wonderfully strange deckbuilding inclinations, which often run along similar lines to those of ToothyWikizens: for example, he's shown in his column decks builtaround MTG: Chimney Imp ([1]), MTG: Gemstone Array ([2]), the theme of dentistry (!) ([3]), and so it goes on.

Is possibly summed up by his quote in his [first House of Cards article], "Where's the challenge in building a deck out of good cards? Anyone can do that."

Sadly, has stepped down as author of "House of Cards", due to becoming more involved in actual R&D. [21-June-2005] is his last column.

On the plus side, this does mean we get MaGo-inspired cards in sets more frequently from now on!
G'Buh? MaGo appears to be the new Magic Rules Manager! John Carter didn't last long, did he? --CH

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