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MustrumRidcully is current Archchancellor of the UnseenUniversity?.

Ridcully has managed to keep this job by proving hard to kill. His magic skill, his collection of weapons and his addiction to WowWowSauce? gives Ridcully an outgoing personality, unusual for a wizard where the only thing outgoing for them is their stomach.
He has forsaken the traditional ArchChancellor?'s hat in favour of his own.

Ridcully's Hat:
A pointed wizard's hat, that he made himself, tied firmly on with string - especially when jogging. Ridcully makes his own fishing flies which he keeps stuck in the hat; a very small pistol crossbow is kept in the hat band. It has a number of small cupboard drawers in it which contain a pipe and pouch of herbal tobacco, his thaumometer (measures level of magic) - which is a cube of greenish glass with a needle in it - and a very small bottle of Bentinck's Very Peculiar Old Brandy. It also has a cup and drink holder in the point. Hat also has four telescopic legs and a roll of oiled skin in the brim that can be extended down to make a small tent, with a patent spirit stove just above it and inner pockets containing 3 days supply of iron rations.

Ridcully has a fondess for hunting things.. anything.
He was also captain of the rowing team in his youth.

CategoryBooks - see also TerryPratchett

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