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The player with the Purpling? cards.

For fun and profit, two extremely insane but playable decks.

First, light ice roulette.  Intended to give the runner too many targets to choose from, and win some early, make the runner overly cautious in the middle whilst you're vulnerable and then sneak through or fast score to win.  Extremely heavy on nodes and upgrades, vulnerable to deep R&D dig attacks.  What little ice there is, is mostly bluff - with a couple of big pieces to smack the runner when they're not looking.  (Well, not so big - substitute a data naga for banpei and grin)

Department of truth enhancement
Efficiency experts
Setup (x2)
Beldigmo antibody (x3)
Pattel antibody
ESA Contract
Wached up solo construct
New galveston city grid
BBS Whispering campaign
Braindance campaign (x2)
Newsgroup taunting (x2)
Hostile takeover
Holovid campaign
Corporate boon
Virus test site
Panic button
Corprunners shatterred remains
Employee empowerment
Experimental AI (x2)
Corporate retreat
Bizarre encryption scheme
Marine arcology
Turbau delacroix
Project babylon
Political coup
Misleading access menus
South african mining corp
Subsidary branch
Tycho extension
Day shift
Efficiency experts
Remote facility
Bizzare encryption scheme
Spinn public relations
vapor ops

Psycho Tycho.  The other reason they wanted to ban tycho.  Designed to do anything - but never very well.  The intention is to threaten the runner with every possibility early on.  If they call the wrong bluff, maybe you can kill them.  If they call the right bluff then they win.  Intended to win very very early in the game - if you get stuck with drawing no agenda early on then you lose to any kind of big hit.  Unless you can sucker them - in which case a fast scored tycho wins it.
People irrationally hate tycho - because it can be cheese.  Fast scroe two from a fortress and win.  This deck CAN do fortress, but not well.  It plays bluff better, and tends to win faster an dmore often as a result.  It's way more interesting than fortress tycho, but because it uses the same card it gets the hating.  Sigh.
Is also remarkably vulnerable to any runner that is dedicated to wiping out your nodes.  An unexpected an painful weakness, which is supposed to be countered by the traps and setups - but they never seem to be enough.  Still, if they're running all your nodes, they slow down enough to let you win later - maybe.
The corp retreats are more vital than they look - take a couple of turns using them once scored (preferably turn 2 or 3) and then fast score to win right after.  Shrug if the runner scores by running past unrezzable ice in the meantime - most runners don't take the risk and instead power up.  Most runner can't cope with the concept that this deck should have ended the game, one way or another, by turn six.
The ice is mostly bluff - but big bluff.  Do use it early on, nothing stops a runner in their tracks like losing all their programs.  Even if it costs you an extra turn of gaining cash, it's usually worth it - it costs the runner longer (and most DO pull back to build up - and those that don't you often CAN finish off)  You will rarely draw cards with this deck - fate seems to like making sure that there is more than enough agenda for the runner to win with right from the start.  Agenda is the only thing you draw for.  If in doubt with this deck, gain cash.  Runners are terrified of rich corps that play with urban renewal...

Chance observation
Trap (x2)
Corporate retreat (x2)
Corporate war
Night shift (x2)
Data wall 2.0
Management shakeup (x3)
Data wall
South african mining corp
BBS Whispering campaign (x3)
Data darts
Accounts receivable (x2)
Project consultants
Scorched earth
Rock is strong
Closed accounts
Tycho extension (x3)
Rockerboy promotion (x3)
Urban renewal
Bolter cluster
Fang 2.0
Doppelganger antibody
Crystal wall
Information laundering

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