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A CollectableCardGame.

One of the variety where there are two distinct sides (in this case the /Corp and the /Runner).

Play simulates a talented CyberPunk cracker trying to liberate enough jucy information about the /Corp to make a big media story about it and possibly bring the /Corp down, while the /Corp tries to either kill the /Runner or succeed with sufficiently many of their nasty plans (/Agenda). 

I don't know if anyone ever plays it any more :(

There are monthly tournaments still being held in a place easily accessible from .cam by train.  I'll find the email address for it later.
Contact - mailto:paulgrogan@btinternet.com - the games are held monthly in Hatfield.
Address changed - the old one is going to stop working soon, apparantly -- Senji

I played this for a while when it first came out - I guess I still have a 'runner deck somewhere. Never really played it much because I only had one person to really play against, and he wasn't very good... - TheInquisitor

Well, if I dig my cards out then I'm happy to give someone a game... -- Senji

I've dug them out - shall I bring them along to the next GamesEvening? -- Senji
Please do.  I'd like to see this CCG of High Repute.  Although the standard warning applies: there tend to be more games than people present, and so it can take several weeks before something new actually gets played.  This is in no way a judgment upon either actual or perceived quality of the game; just a consequence of the dynamics of the evening.  --AlexChurchill
Be warned - the /Rules sound quite complicated at first.  It's one of those games which is easier to pick up by doing.  Most of the /Rules are to cover special cases.
I'll bring mine up next term. I think I remember which cupboard they are at the back of. -- TheInquisitor


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