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The player with the GreenBack cards.

Just in case anyone wants to use a CardServer? to try playing, why not paste my decks here?

A fairly average slow build, intended to seek for what it needs and build up to a mid sized hit on R&D or HQ - deliver a virus to slow the corp down and maintain the attack for a while, then switch to hitting the other one once the defences go up.
More vulnerable to a corp that goes for a heavy /TagandBag? or which builds super dense fortresses.  Also doesn't do well if it loses programs - so defend them.  It's also cash light - so newsgroup filters is practically vital as your first card to seek for.  Which means that a memory chip should be high on your list too.  If building this deck for real and don't have the cards, don't worry - practically any virus will substitute for the viruses used, the hunt clubs can easily be replaced by a heavier reliance on smarteye (or mouse will do) and the rares are mostly just for nicety - more memchips and access chips will easily replace them.

Enterprise Inc Shields
Livewire's contacts
Loony Goon
Black Dahlia
Zetatech Software Installer
Tycho Mem Chip
Fall Guy
Mantis fixer (x2)
R&D Protocol file
Hunt club (x3)
Pile driver
Short Circuit (x2)
Corolla speed chip
Crash space
Temple microcode
Technician lover
Newsgroup filter
Jack and Joe
Shredder uplink
Core command: Jettison Ice
R&D interface
Bodyweight Synth blood
Gideon's pawnshop
Anonymous tip
Skeleton passkeys
Swiss bank account
Credit subversion
HQ interface
Back door to hillard

Here's a different approach, and one I favour.  This is my self burn deck.  Intended to kill itself by turn four or five - or win trying.
This one is built around the use of the 'bypass a piece of ice' uncommon and rares - sorry, it just is.  It's also heavy on ice breakers - and not just for use with test run either.  If in doubt with this deck, draw a card or run.  The intent is to keep the corp so poor ressing (?!) ice that it can't stop you.  You will always be low on cash, but don't sweat it - grab the cash.  Run at least once every turn, and pull the agenda from R&D and HQ.
You are vulnerable to lucky SOBs who don't have any agenda in the top half of their deck, or clever ones who keep shuffling it back in.  If the game goes on too long, you've had it.  Though you can still pull off a win with a well placed big smash run.  "Be lucky and run fast" is this deck's motto.
(Oh, and cynically - if you can win as corp and you usually will, you just need to score SOME agenda as runner to win a match.  So run and score that agenda before the corp can possibly defend it.  If the corp DOES have early enough defence to stop you, they are usually kept poor enough that you can hurt them in the mid game.)
Corps that do damage will probably stop you well - but hey, live young and die fast, right?

Short Circuit (x2)
Broker (x2)
Stakeout (x2)
Wutech memchip
Mantis fixer
Wilson weeflerunner apprentice
Jack and Joe
Pile driver
Loan from chiba
Weather to finance pipe
Test spin (x4)
Inside job (x3)
Social engineering (x4)
Short term contract (x2)
On the fast track (x2)
Edited shipping manifests
Score (x3)
R&D interface
MRAM chip
Fall guy
Black dahlia
Livewires contacts
Parraline 5750
Lucidrine booster drug
Loony Goon
Corolla speed chip
Skeleton passkeys
Sunburst cranial interface

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