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Ninja Scroll - Episode 2.  On a Journey
Or: The Japanese discover mod trackers.

Good long recap of the last episode.
Princess collapses: "Everyone is dead"
The evil lady is still alive, despite dying last episode.
The seer has the head of the beast guy.  He brings him back to life for a bit, to ask him some questions.  He also recaps the last episode.  A hall full of monsters is told "We must find this man - but don't think about the LovelyEyePatch."
Looks like for every fight scene you get two episodes.  But then, you get at least two fights per episode.
A little girl watches the princess weep (and play the nose flute)
The little girl is actually a semaphore robot.  What were the writers smoking?
Hang on - the giant fighting robot is alive still too?
He relays the message using a clockwork bird hidden on his tongue.
I repeat - writers?  Share the good stuff.
The bad guys hidden village looks rather cool.  The leader looks stupid.  Think SteamPunk Harkonnen.

Two couriers are arguing over how much the guide / guard should be paid.  The employee gets angry and draws his sword, and goes rolling down the hill.  Guide startslooking through his stuff.
Princess turns up, and is hit upon in an unseemly fashion.  Guessd that cements this guy in as a main character then.
He decides to sell her.  Yup, definitely main character - and to confirm it, right about now...
Some actual unsavoury bandits for him to save her from just to be certain.  Yup.
Except he, um, doesn't - he runs off with her and the old monk (from the movie?) drops in.  Gah.  Die old monk!

After the break, you are reminded that this show actually has a main character - and that he is congenitally lazy.  And, for some reason, being pursued by a cat.

The monk is thanked, the villain is not and the princess is asked what she is going to do.
The little electric doll is killed by the monk.  In the middle of the conversation.
Then they play the "If I stare into space, soon everyone will stare into space" game.
... and then the GiantFightingRobot comes crashing in.

Monk saves princess, uses dynamite - and they all run away.

Main character fights a cat, who wants to get the jewel back.  Very silly weapons.  Much dodginess.

Princess and monk run away into the fog, seems to be the monks plan.  The robot isn't QUITE stupid enough to run right over a cliff - but dynamite helps.  His arm breaks off - so he probably isn't dead.

You know, I really should have sumemd this episode up as: They all fight.

Kitty gets aid from an underground thing.  "It's not too late.  Give up the Jewel."  "Don't.  Want.  To."  Glaswegian greeting.

Whahey!  The misunderstood guys have a giant fighting cyclops too!  But theirs is mostly hat.

Hero slices and dices his way through potential allies.  Go hero.

It's violent, it's bloody, it has the tiniest modicum of plot and it gets on with it and doesn't let it drag on and on an on like some series we could mention.

Though I'm worried they might run out of bad guy powers.  Though with the insanity displayed so far, I doubt it.

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