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Magic may or may not exist. Technology has stopped at the steam engine phase - but science marches onwards. From giant, complicated mechanical flying steam-fortresses, down to little barely-warm clockwork luggable steam-computer laptops, everything is done in that wonderful, velvet-and-bronze, gaslamp style.

No matter how many different SteamPunk texts MoonShadow reads, he can't escape the feeling that they are all set in the same universe.

Care to recommend any?
TheDifferenceEngine? (WilliamGibson?)
GirlGenius, by StudioFoglio (is graphic). Mmmmmm. Good :) - SunKitten

Oh, and how do you classify Perditio Street Station (sp?)? TheInquisitor
I'd say that was science fiction -- Mjb67

Similar, but different, to /ValvePunk?

Because so much of this is down to sheer style, it seems to exist over largely in graphic form.  Also, of course, a lot of real old (think JulesVerne?) science fiction is steam punk, the same way we today imagine a future with over-minituarised 'something like microchips'

LeagueOfExtraordinaryGentlemen is another comic you'll want to look at.  In interactive form, a lot of FinalFantasy is in this style - especially big chunks of 6 and 7.  There's another game, came out about 4 months ago, whose name I fail to recall.  Absolutely awful, but definitely big steam.  (Arcanum?)

Wild Wild West.

Not my favorite style, I must say - it all seems pretty much "heres the story, and I'll dress it up in nineteenth century stuff just to prove how much homework I did" to me.  Then again, RoseSpectacles? are always popular.

Hmm, does SteamPunk include the /SailingShipsInSpace? subgenre?

I'd say not always.  Many SailingShipsInSpace? predate steam - launched in the good old days of the SpanishArmada? and the TeaClipper?.  (Ok, so technically not predating steam - but the ships themselves have no steam)

Oooh.  Does RingWorld? count as SteamPunk?  It's got a big river boat, after all...
Do you mean RingWorld? or RiverWorld??  Both AIUI are basically sci-fi with variations, but not SteamPunk.  --AC (ready to be contradicted if someone knows better) 
I hope it means RiverWorld?, since RingWorld? has HyperSpace? and computers and such.  RiverWorld?, whilst having a steam boat in it, it is an actual steam boat (albeit with rockets) rather than a steam pow... actually no.  There are steam powered tanks and such too.  I guess it's a fairly special case, since the universe is capable of sustaining technology above steam - and that technology is known about - but the resources available do not permit it.  And anyhow, the think uses electricity harvested from the grail-stones.  --Vitenka
That's what I thought.  RiverWorld? is definitely not SteamPunk.  Principally because it's not that *style* - it's definitely not "velvet-and-bronze gaslamp".  And also because the limitation is the resources, as you say.  They do actually progress to an internal combustion engine at one point, don't they? - for the four fighter planes.  So definitely not SteamPunk - it's just that a bit of it happens to be set on board a big steambat.  --AC
And there, I hope you meant boat.  But it's too late.  [WikiQuote]!  --Vitenka

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