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Wolfman : Grank
Wolfman : Said the parrot.
Pallando : ignore it
Pallando : it is just a parroty error
Wolfman : Parrots never err
Pallando : are you are using the new Microsoft Parrot 2.0? No, it does err. It is just that it denies it, and claims the not moving and having its foot nailed to the perch is a feature
Pallando : Microsoft are suing Open Source Parrokeets under new discrimination laws for the sin of being Alivist
Wolfman : Microsoft parrots go "knarg" instead of "grank"
Wolfman : And they're really torraps
Pallando : are you sure you installed your parrot the right way up?
Wolfman : It seems not to complain too much
Wolfman : But you can't really complain at all when you're hanging from your perch by the beak
Pallando : we here at the Parrots-R-Us help desk often see this problem with new parrot users
Pallando : tell me, where have you inserted the power cable?
Wolfman : This parrot runs on birdseed alone
Wolfman : Several previous parrots electrocuted
Wolfman : No matter where the cable went
Pallando : hmm, well that's definitly intended to be the mobile version
Pallando : have you tried re-booting it?
Wolfman : It's been dropped out of the window once or twice, does that count?
Pallando : I'm not sure. What noise did it make?
Wolfman : "Gnark" I think
Wolfman : Or maybe it was "Grank"
Wolfman : I'll test it
Wolfman : No, definitely "Gnark"
Pallando : Ok, time for a hard reboot. You need to deprive it of light for 8 hours.
Wolfman : Will dropping it out of the window at the same time help?
Pallando : What type of windows do you have?
Wolfman : My window seems to have crashed at the moment, I might have to update the curtains
Wolfman : I'm told that windows crashing is rather common
Pallando : no no, curtains will do fine for hard booting.
Wolfman : That's why one should buy upper-class windows
Pallando : your parrot is still under manufacturer's warranty, isn't it?
Wolfman : They're not common and therefore don't crash
Wolfman : Probably so. I think the manufacturers are in an aviary somewhere
Wolfman : Their main commentary is also "grank"
Wolfman : Which is not surprsing
Wolfman : As they are parrots
Wolfman : They may be torraps that someone has inverted though.
Pallando : well, give it a try, and if it still doesn't come up right, its probably a hardware problem (you could look for hardware incompatibility in the peripherals)
Wolfman : Probably the wrong sort of feet or something
Pallando : *thinks* Hang on, you did install ther perch at the BOTTOM of the cage, didn't you? Not in the top half inch?
Wolfman : I think some used parrot dealer stole the feet from a macaw
Wolfman : The perch is in the middle of the cage, the angle might be incorrect though
Wolfman : It could have been built for a hill parrot
Wolfman : They are designed for balancing on hills
Wolfman : Confusing with hill torraps has caused many of them to fall untimely to their death
Pallando : the parroty slides off the bit at the end?
Wolfman : The user is alerted to late by a falling "knaaaaarrrrg" into the distance
Wolfman : The parrot slides off the bit at the end, drops into the machine, gets wrapped up and has to peck its way out of the wrapping
Wolfman : For some unknown reason it tries to disguise it as a penguin
Wolfman : Wait a minute
Wolfman : This isn't a birdcage
Wolfman : It's a Penguin-bar making machine
Pallando : (sotto voce) bloody users *fx* hangs up
Wolfman : Stolen from a factory
Wolfman : Now I have a solution!


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