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Some of the most profound, poetic, or obscure ToothyWiki pages take the form of disembodied voices, speaking to one another in a formless void.
Click the title to find them.

Of course, now that the category exists, you could instead be inspired to create a page into the Category.  Perhaps Reify some UnreifiedLinks in an appropriately echoes-in-the-wilderness style.

Quick question:  Do single 'voice' pages belong in CategoryVoices?  I want to add SanityRoll to this category, but after the discussion on AwarenessOfABrick I'm not sure if I should or not. --Kazuhiko
I think SanityRoll could qualify.  I suppose it is a bit subjective quite what counts as a "voices in the wilderness" page, and what's just some silly text.  WebCam, for example, is clearly a voice, speaking - in this case to you, the reader.  So I'd say that's definitely fair game.  Whereas AlexanderTheGreat really isn't voices of anyone except a couple of random ToothyWikizens, and so I'd say shouldn't be.  But, of course, everyone is a WebMaster of the ToothyWiki, so...  --AlexChurchill

AproposOfNothing?, from the BackLink? list:
.... Theology/Cheese

Yes.  Clearly.  --Vitenka


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