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If you lived / on Pigeon Street
Here are the peo-ple you could meet
Here are the people, who would share
The sights!
The sounds!
The air...

And then followed the list of characters.  Long Distance Clara, the lorry driver.  And a load of others.
I can barely remember anything about the visuals (very unusual for me).  Weren't they plastic models, or something?

Can't say for sure but I am put in mind of 2D models, if that makes sense.  Almost paper cut-out style... - Kazuhiko
Yup - in the style of construction paper.  Think SouthPark? but before the invention of MacromediaFlash?.  Sorry - just to clarify, it was drawn, but it sorta looked like it wasn't.  Oh heck [screenshots]

[Here] are some images from the ending (opening?) credits which pretty much show the style (and remind you of the characters) - Kazuhiko (Hmpf, edit conflict, you got there first...)
Should add that neither of our links really shows you the style - since the style was that each individual bit of the character would move around.  Like it was drawn on a little construction paper doll.  The heads would wobble back and forth, arms would rotate about the shoulders and so on.


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