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Made by Sony, originally named the PSX, which stood for "PlayStation Extreme".

We can all be glad that they dropped that name, and stuck with the horribly embarrassing PlayStation moniker, can't we?
And you play with it using your joypads.  OhBoy?.

Sooo anyway.  CD player with a custom graphics processor comparable to the voodoo2.  Think it's 68k based, but can't remember for sure.
Main CPU is R3000A - tweaked MIPS. No idea what the GPU is like but if it's anything like the PS2 VU, it's a seriously *weird* piece of custom hardware. - MoonShadow

Programming manual weighs something close to a metric tonne and is incorrect in places.  (It talks about graphics library functions that were never implemented, and in places exaggerates the capability of the graphics hardware - it CAN support three independent light sources, but there are unstated limitations upon all but one of them.)  Then again, my knowledge of this is somewhat old and they may have improved it.

Their support department is good though - going so far as to release a development platform for home users.

These platforms (NetYaroze) sold out incredibly quickly.  Primarily because they were nice shiny BLACK cases.


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