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Most of the inhabitants of the RealWorld. There are between two and five hundred of them, most of whom are extras not paid to speak at all, or bit part players who will not exchange more than about five lines. A few have recurring parts with reasonably rounded characters, but even these are not beyond having random actions forced on them to advance the plot, or if things have been going a little too smoothly of late.

The illusion that there are more people in the world is created by Marises, those characters often referred to but never actually seen (or who were seen at one point in the past, but who have since been written out: they are somtimes referred to in passing in order to try to keep up the pretense that they still exist). If you think about it you'll be able to name quite a few Marises, I suspect.

CategoryPlotElement, the way it's written here... or perhaps CategoryConspiracy?
CategoryPending, just to be safe.

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