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The big scary room with the blue ceiling.

aka BigWideWorld? (to coin the word from TerryPratchett/Truckers?)

Contrary to first impressions, the ceiling inside Cambridge is actually tinted a faint purple by the CambridgeAura.

AR: Maybe the curtains should be purple...

The division between the RealWorld and the land of Cambridge is usually considered to be the RealityCheckpoint.

The colour of the ceiling of RealWorld, and its apparent defiance of normal laws of scale suggest that it is in some way connected to the Cavendish or Cockcroft.

Eh? -SunKitten

By which I meant that the realworld appears to be far larger than the entire KnownUniverse (as defined as the region from the RealityCheckpoint to StaplesRoundabout etc.) - and indeed parts of it appear to lie outside the KnownUniverse.  This is clearly a geometric impossibility on a par with the architecture of the CavendishCockcroft.  Plus parts of Cockcroft have a tasteful light blue ceiling.

Parts of the realworld apparently lie within Cambridge, this intersection contains places such as AddenbrookesHospital, ColdhamsCommon and AngliaPolytechnicUniversity.

Huh?  None of those places are actually within the boundraries of the KnownUniverse as stated... - Senji

The point is that for an observer in the RealWorld, Cambridge appears to be a moderately sized city, rather than the small collection of buildings that make up the KnownUniverse. This makes it necessary to define RealWorldCambridge, a city in East Anglia as being different from Cambridge as defined by the KnownUniverse.

The KnownUniverse is much smaller than just the 31 colleges and various university sites. It only includes places that are relevant to me (or whoever is reading this.) Keeping a bigger MapOfTheUniverse than this is just excessive... and anything not on this map is clearly not known. Always reduce things to the SimplestCase?. Take the idea of BluePeterDays for example...


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