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Remarkably sweet and sticky. Should serve about 4-8, has been known to serve 2...

Apologies for the lack of exact measurements.
14 Ginger Nuts (or equivalent weight of Digestives if you're that way inclined)
1 small tin condensed milk - one assumes this is sweetened condensed milk?
2 bananas (or more, or less, to taste)
1 vanilla AngelDelight?-style thing

1. Put a pan of water on to boil. In it place the tin of Condensed Milk. Yes, the tin. Unopened. Boil/simmer for around 4 hours. Alternatively, two hours in a pressure cooker should do it.
2. Crush the bicuits (plastic bag + rolling-pin is very therapeutic). Melt the margarine, stir biscuits in. Mix well, and use to fill the bottom of an 8" cake tin. Leave to set. It's a standard biscuit base - work the quantities out from your favourite existing one.
3. Extract the condensed milk. Open it. You should find, against all probability, a sticky brown toffee-like substance. remove it using some form of knife, and spread over the biscuit base. Note: this is also obtainable ready-made from Sainsbury's on Coldham's Lane. It's called "Dulce de leche", and you'll find it near the honey. The new Tesco's on Newmarket Road also sells it, and also puts it near the honey.
4. Slice the bananas, arrange to cover the toffee stuff.
5. Create the AngelDelight? according to manufacturer's instructions. Before it's completely set, spread over bananas. Refrigerate and serve the same day, although any remains should keep fine in the fridge until tomorrow.

Rather than using AngelDelight? you can use whipped cream on top (which is probably marginally more authentically Argentine).
True. However ChrisHowlett finds that the vanilla adds a nice little extra piquancy.
Last time CH made this, he used whipped cream, with a dash of Ameretto in it. That was very nice.

But if you add hundreds and thousands to the cream they bleed and you get a multicoloured top which is nice(r).

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