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Previously a MathMo from EmmanuelCollege, up to the level of PartIIIMaths, which he passed. Now working for Planit UK.

Married to Chel, and father to two children called Annabel and Benjamin

Definitely-casual MagicTheGathering player, although he'd consider the tournament scene were it not that it would cost him lots of money, and he's not actually all that good really.

While at university, played in a couple of Exalted campaings, greatly enjoying them both.

In the first (TheInquisitor's LastFlightOfTheRavens? campaign) he played a gently-insane Air-aspected mage, /TepetAsilano?. He had a penchant for summoning demons, and less than stellar luck in the binding thereof. This caused much PersonallyTailoredDoom, and was thus overall a GoodThing.

In the second (StuartFraser's AllsFairInLoveAndWar), he played a serene but deadly Chosen of Battles, specialising in Archery. Proved to be a fairly decent all-rounder, with some serious ranged killing ability, and not too bad at the whole fate-weaving stuff. The HeathRobinson? device for delivering his bow to him at an appropriate moment (as per DestinyKnittingEntanglement?) was just an added silliness.

Had found a way to carry this on: CURSWiki: AFriendInNeed, an exercise in very slow CURSWiki: RoleplayingByWiki.
See /LunarDBT for details of, err, Lunar DBT :) -- Senji
Is definitely considering doing something exalted-esque in Ruby, like the now-defunct D&D Mini Adventures App on FaceBook.

Has pages of /MtGTrades (although since he isn't near any ToothyWikizens to trade...), /Quotes, /PartIIQuotes, and /PartIIIQuotes. They are a little out of date, but not greatly so. Also a /PresentsIdeas page.

Wrote /PyDraft, and a Dominion server, FreeDom.

Is pondering a /BoardGame.

Was writing an /ExaltedStatsGenerator, which is now working again (TouchWood?).

Idly considered a conjuction of the two, in /ExaltedMtG.

Is largely responsible for DuctTapeAndTheForce, which gives him a warm glow every time he sees that it's spawned over 50 rounds. He is very pleased to have finally won a round (with the help of Chel).

Enjoys talking about himself in the ThirdPerson?.

Has a [public key], which has been published on hkp://subkeys.pgp.net, under "Christopher Howlett". Is not entirely sure where his private keychain is, although he does still have the revocation certificate.

[Egress counter]

Following Christmas, there are a number of games I didn't get, and would be interested in buying a subset of with some of the money I did. Best prices found so far:

Dominion: 30.20 from Amazon
Mario Kart: 25 (via google shopping)
Okami: 13.95 (startupmedia - out of stock. Otherwise 24)
Zelda: 20 used
Little Kings Story: 10 from LOVEfilm
LostWinds?: 7 (WiiWare?)

Probably worth trying eBay. All prices below are Used.
Mario Kart: ~20 used inc. P&P
Okami: ~15 (but not many)
Zelda: ~17 (seller thegameshak, among others)
(StarWars the Force Unleashed: ~15)

If you get to spend on Wii games again, try Chocobo's Dungeon, it's addictive ^^ --MoonShadow

I've now bought Dominion, and Zelda: TP. The latter I picked up for 12.50, meaning I have a little more to spend that expected. I could, for instance, now definitely afford Little Kings Story instead of LostWinds?. Does anyone have any opinion on which is better?

Is looking to purchase a /NewPC

CategoryHomepage, MathematicallyMindedPeople

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